The Longest Day Yarn


Please join me on The Longest Day, Saturday, June 20, as I knit from sunrise to sunset to raise awareness (and hopefully a lot of funds) for Alzheimer’s awareness and research.

I’ve designed the Fading Memories crescent shawl to represent the increasing holes in the memories of those afflicted with Alzheimer’s, in a colorway inspired by The Longest Day logo.

For every Fading Memories pattern sold, I will donate $5 to Alzheimer’s research.

The yarn I used is The Mystery of The White Plum gradient kit of 6 mini skeins specially dyed by indie dyer Schmutzerella Yarns, who will donate $5 for every pack sold.

The following dyers/yarn shops also have special colorways for this shawl and will donate a portion of the proceeds to Alzheimer’s research.

Not to be outdone by yarnies, master ceramicist Charan Sacher of Creative With Clay has also joined the cause and is taking orders for purple and gray mugs. The 16-ounce mugs are dishwasher and microwave safe, and are available in four knitterly designs.

For every mug ordered, Charan will donate $5 to Alzheimer’s research.

Click here to order your mug.


As I knit the shawl on Saturday, June 20, I’ll post my hourly progress through Instagram posts. Follow me at annbuddknits.

Whether or not you want to join the knit-along, please visit my fundraising page and make a donation. Together we can help find a cure!

4 thoughts on “Approaching THE LONGEST DAY”

  1. How did you do on the longest day? I knit that day, but not sunrise to sundown. Wasn’t that hard on your wrists? Appreciate your dedication to the cause. Like
    you I know too many people affected by this terrible disease

  2. Knitting two (not just 1), Fan & Feather Flare sweaters for my daughter and her bff. The directions threw me a huge curve when I was told to increase 12 sts before proceeding to the lace design ending with 238 sts. Okay so far. However when one starts with 240 sts, it’s just impossible to increase 12 sts and end up with 238. So I fudged a bit, decreased 2 and started the lace. I do love this pattern and am thinking about doing a 3rd one for granddaughter for Christmas.I
    Also, one thrilled with the Top-Down Sweaters book!

  3. I know this doesn’t apply to the current blog. My apologies.

    I was trying to purchase your e book.
    The Knitter’s Handy Book of Sweater Patterns: Basic Designs in Multiple Sizes & Gauges
    by Ann Budd
    Especially interested I. The saddle shoulder pattern.
    But the link doesn’t seem to work. I get an “oops” page? I’ve no idea of the price either?
    There’s no contact info that I can find on your web page, so here I am.

    Any insight would be appreciated!


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