Baby it’s Hot!

Like a lot of the northern hemisphere, we’ve had our share of hot weather this summer.

With temps holding well above 90 F (33 C) into the evenings, it’s been hard for me to accomplish much of anything. My forearm sticks to my desk when I use my computer mouse, and more importantly, yarn doesn’t flow between my sweaty fingers when I knit. We don’t have air conditioning and the multiple fans running throughout the house don’t seem to help much.

Please share any tips you have for dealing with the heat!

6 thoughts on “Baby it’s Hot!”

  1. Big bowl of ice behind the fan. The fan blows cool air.
    Tall cold drinks.
    Cold wash cloths,
    Cold meals, chicken salad, potato chips,
    Cold fruit
    Go to the movies
    Go to the mall
    Go to the library
    Powder, gold bond is nice
    Juice pops
    Carbonated water. Cold
    Window air conditioner
    Naps during the hottest part of the day
    Water balloon fight
    Cold bath sink down until it covers your head
    Ice packs in or near high heat body parts

  2. Take a chair to the freezer department of your local grocery store. Purchase single serve items to eat there with your knitting. This is best for a store that knows you.

    Hit the mall, library, movie theater, other. You’ll get a couple of hours of cool.

    Float in the pool with a shade over you. Float a cooler full of ice and drinks and yarn nearby.

    Move to the basement if you have one.

    Wet washcloths and freeze them. When frozen fold around your neck. Hand towels work also.

    Eat freeze pops

  3. I use MONISTAT Complete Care Chafing Relief Powder Gel.
    It’s found in the feminine hygiene department of your local pharmacy.
    It’s made to prevent chafing in my ‘delicate’ areas, but works like a charm on my hands when the wool gets sticky.

    Give it a try!

  4. Use inexpensive kiddie pool outside in a shady area, use garden hose to fill with water (hopefully it will be cold), pull up a chair, sink your feet in the cold water and splash like a kid!

  5. Keep a travel size container of baby powder in your knitting bag to stop sticky hands on knitting needles.

  6. When my parents’ house got like this (Northern Illinois) we would head to the library for the afternoon. It helped some. That and cold meals. No point in heating up the kitchen and who has an appetite anyway?
    It also seemed that we were always canning tomatoes and blanching corn to freeze during the worst of summer. Although my mother and I did in after sunset it was still hot.

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