Knitting For Fun in Savannah

A couple of weeks ago I held my Knit For Fun Retreat in the beautiful historic district of Savannah, Georgia. Getting there was a little tough with 6 bags, all weighing 50 lbs, between my event coordinator Cindy Hallam and me. Those bags were filled with swag, which we then transferred to the retreat tote bags. It was like a huge birthday party when the attendees received their loot!











We were extremely fortunate to have classes by Sivia Harding, Meghan Fernandes, and Joji Locatelli.  Sivia taught about mobius shapes, beads, and decorative mending; Meghan taught about special stitches and warm weather knits; Joji taught about her Boxy Sweater, as well and working with color and designing a crescent shawl. I filled in as the Knit Doctor to help attendees with any questions about their knitting, choosing yarn, taking measurements, and anything else that came up.

The retreat was great, of course, but my mind keeps returning to the beauty of the city. The spring flowers were in bloom, the trees dripped Spanish moss, and the sun shined brightly every day.

I didn’t take nearly enough photos but I’ll share a few that I have.
















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  1. Thank you for bringing back memories. My family went on a drive (from Tennessee) and ended up in Savannah one time when my brother and I were quite young. We got stuck there due to a hurricane and my mother never let my dad forget that she hadn’t even brought her toothbrush. Glad your trip went well and all of your bags arrived. It is such a lovely city.

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