Loops Love

Last weekend found me in Tulsa, Oklahoma, at the first-ever Loops Retreat. Loops owner Shelley Brander (far left in the teacher photo below) is a genius at creating community among knitters (and everyone else, I suspect). The teachers were Romi Hill, who taught lace techniques and surgery, Andrea Mowry, who taught brioche and shawls, and Carson Demers, who taught knitting ergonomics. I filled in as the Knit Doctor. As much as I enjoy teaching, I thoroughly enjoyed spending one-on-one time with the attendees!

To ensure that everyone was comfortable, at ease, and fully taken care of, Shelley hired my Knit For Fun Retreats event coordinator Cindy Hallam to manage the weekend. It worked because I only saw smiles from registration on Thursday to the closing brunch on Sunday.

The retreat was held within walking distance of the Loops store, which is a mecca of fine yarns. If you’re in the Tulsa area, it’s worth a trip. If not, you can shop online by clicking on the link above.

A highlight of the event was the special yarn brought in just for the weekend. Dye For Knitting even dyed a special colorway for each of the teachers! “My” colorway, shown at right is called Loops Loves Ann. Wow! I want to design something special with it!

I say it often and it’s worth saying again–knitting retreats are the best way to meet up with other knitters and learn new things!

4 thoughts on “Loops Love”

  1. Michele Brannock

    Ann, I’ll be knitting with you again in Dallas to learn how to make a skirt. This will be Putting on the Worsted Pleats for my DIL. Can you tell me what measurements to bring?

  2. Hi Michele,
    You’ll need her waist measurement, her high-hip measurement (around the hip bones, not the full hip), and the distance between her waist and high hip (usually around 3″).
    Looking forward to seeing you!

  3. Hi, Where can I get your special Loops Loves Ann yarn? Can’t wait to see your new design. Regards, Lin

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