Blue Lobstah' Cowl

A New Pattern

I’m delighted to finally be a little back on track following my father’s death. Last month I held my Knit For Fun Retreat in Freeport, Maine, at the beautiful Harraseeket Inn. My co-teachers were Norah Gaughan and Bristol Ivy. Attendees got to take classes from all three of us and enjoy a lot of fun and surprises in between.

One of the highlights of the Knit For Fun Retreats swag (something we all get) bag is a cowl pattern and a skein of a colorway dyed especially for the retreat. For this retreat, my cowl design Blue Lobstah’ Cowl pays homage to Maine and lobsters.

The corssover-stitch openwork pattern between garter-stitch bands reminds me of the lattice on lobster traps. The yarn is Tern (75 % American wool, 25% silk) from Quince and Co in a “Blue Lobster” colorway specially died by Forage Color of Searsmont, Maine. Although this colorway is no longer available, the cowl will look terrific in most any solid or semi solid fingering weight yarn.

I’ve just added the pattern to my Ravelry store and would like to raffle off a copy of the pattern and one of few leftover skeins of this remarkable colorway. Respond to this post by telling me why you like to knit cowls and I’ll enter your name in a drawing that will take place Sunday, May 14 (Happy Mother’s Day!)

I’ll announce the winner in a separate post.

66 thoughts on “A New Pattern”

  1. I love knitting cowls. Living in Central a California means layering! The rhythm of needles is peace to my soul.

  2. Karen Marshall

    Hi Ann,
    Love knitting cowls, they are so easy to just throw on and wear!! And the ease of knitting in the round is a plus!! And we love our lobstahs here in Rhode Island, too!!

  3. I love cowls because it’s an opportunity to do something really lovely with that sock yarn that you don’t want hiding under a pair of jeans. Plus they dress up a plain t-shirt. And of course warmth – especially in an office with the A/C blasting most of the year.

  4. I love knitting cowls because they are great for layering and keeping my neck warm, but use less yarn than a scarf (generally) and I don’t have to worry about catching a cowl in a door or anything else. I also like that they are quick knits.

  5. Cathy Jacobson

    I love making cowls, because I can take them with me when I am waiting for someone, I always seem to be waiting for someone. You con’t have to carry many tools or skeins of yarn with you, either. I like to wear them, too, in the evening in Minnesota it can still be cool, and just the luxury of the yarn and the feel of it around my necks makes the cool weather nicer.

  6. I love cowls!! I wear them so often my daughter says I hide behind them. Lol!!! This looks like a beautiful pattern and lovely yarn. Thank you for the opportunity!!

  7. Gail Korhonen

    Living in Michigan, I wear something around my neck most of the time. Cowls are so easy to wear. They never slip off or unwrap.

  8. I love making cowls because I love wearing them. They don’t fall off or fly away…and they’re so pretty AND warm

  9. I like knitting cowls because they’re a quick knit, good for last minute gift giving.

  10. A cozy neck, a pretty way to spiff up any outfit, fun and fast to knit – what’s not to love?!

  11. Margaret Hollis

    I love knitting cowls as they are well suited to our mild winters here in Atlanta. An additional benefit is that they won’t fall off my shoulders when I’m chasing my toddler granddaughters.

  12. Cowls are my “go to” for gifts, trying new stitch patterns, and/ or using that special skein of yarn.
    I love the pattern and this gorgeous blue yarn!

  13. Cowls! A swatch you can wear, quick gift, great way to learn a new stitch and not lose your mind, what you can do with that “orphan” skein or two that have been glaring at you from the shelf. I’ve even been known to wrap infant granddaughter in one for that quick dash from car to house!

  14. I love knitting cowls because it allows me to try new stitch patterns. Also, during the holidays we have a mitten/hat tree for the Navajo reservation. Scarves and cowls are welcome on the tree. I knit during the year a boxful of all four items.

  15. Susan Ginnings

    I love cowls because they stay put and don’t keep falling off or dangling in the way.

  16. Christy Fuller

    I love cowls because they dress up any outfit, and I can finish one in a day.

  17. Barbara Cerri

    Hi Ann, I live in Braintree MA and go birding year round, walk my Lucy Lab in all kinds of weather and spend time on the play ground with my preschoolers. A cowl is very practical and can be worked up in so many different styles! Keeps me cozy!

  18. Frances Daigle

    They typically only take one skein, are portable projects and make wonderful gifts that always fit.

  19. I like to knit cowls as they are nice quick projects to take along wherever I go. They are great gifts and to wear as we live in the north. I like that they can take one skein and are a great item to try different stitches. They are so cuddly out of great yarn.

  20. I enjoy knitting cowls because they are quick and they are so easy to wear! :))

  21. Nancy Goehring

    I love cowls because they are warm and snuggly in our coastal fog. They team with a jacket or sweater or even a fleece. This one is gorgeous!

  22. I love to knit cowls because I live in Michigan, and it gets cold here. I wear cowls and scarves from October into April. This design is gorgeous, and the colorway of the yarn is to die for! Thanks for the chance to win it!

  23. I love knitting cowls in the colors that I like. Cowls are Awesome, because they keep my neck warm in a very cold winter.

  24. Sandra Benward

    A cowl has become the added jewel ry They add so much to the simplest of outfits. It maybe decorative but it can also be warm. AND my favorite and basic color is BLUE. Great color for me.

  25. Cowls are great because they are portable, quick to knit, good for trying new stitches – but mostly cowls are great because they’re PRETTY!!

  26. Hi Ann! I love to knit cowls as they are a knitting project that I can actually finish!! I suffer from one sock syndrome and often set aside shawls at their final stages. Cowls are the best Christmas gift projects!! This one is just lovely! ❤️

  27. Helene H Polonsky

    Icowls are perfect for life in NYC when the Winter is cold and the Summer air conditioning in my office is even colder! I truly love to knit in the round! Best of all a cowl always fits!!

  28. Helene H Polonsky

    Cowls ways fit any gift recipient! They are great in a NYC Winter when it is cold. . They are also great for a NYC Summer when the air conditioning in your office makes it even colder!

  29. Christine Frostenson

    I love cowls because they are so easy to wear (just pop it on over your head) and they don’t unwrap like scarves do! In addition, they are portable knitting and there are so many lovely designs to knit–especially yours! Thanks for the chance to win!

  30. Something about knitting in circles is super meditative, and who doesn’t love another cowl?

  31. I love cowls. That instanct splash of color next to your blouse or sweater as well as well as the warmth. Happy Mother’s Day to all!

  32. I love knitting cowls because they’re so easy to wear…a no-nonsense accessory. Why spend time trying to figure out how to wrap a scarf when a cowl is just as warm and lovely?

  33. Anne Marie Becka

    I love to knit cowls because they are perfect to throw on with any outfit for a fun flash of color!

  34. First, I love cowls because they keep me warm. Second, they are fun to knit.
    Thanks for a chance in lovely giveaway! Lynn

  35. Hi Ann!
    I love knitting cowls for the same reason I love knitting socks 1) they are knit in the round and tend to be a quick knit – a perfect portable side project if you are working on a sweater or something that takes more time 2) they are incredibly functional – I wear my cowls all the time – even in the summer when I’m in an air conditioned place that feels like a meat locker 3) they are a perfect canvas for utilizing complex stitch or color work on a small scale. What’s there not to love? That being said what’s there not to love about the Blue Lobstah’ Cowl, knitted with Quince & Co. Yarn (they ROCK) and in this stunning colorway by Forage Color?

    Wishing you and all the other wonderful Mama’s of this world, a happy Mother’s Day 🙂

    Warmest regards,


  36. I like knitting cowls because they are flexible in style and design. You can make them shorter or longer fairly easily and are easy to take with you. A cowl seems to look good on every one!

  37. I love knitting cowls. They’re a quick knit and make very nice presents. I also like to use different types of yarns I may have never used before. So much fun.

  38. Deborah Gajee

    I love knitting cowls cause they are so comfy around my beck and shoulders which can get so cold during the winter months.

  39. I am far less likely to loose a cowl while playing hide and seek in the park with my four year old! He is fast like the wind.

  40. I love knitting cowls because they generally take less time than scarves (so they don’t get boring), plus they’re better to wear (for me) because there are no ends to get caught on things.

  41. Jennifer Dyck

    I love to knit and wear cowls because I can easily take them on or off depending on whether I’m getting one of those pesky power surges or not! And they just look so elegant, makes me feel so classy! Thanks for the opportunity to win!

  42. I love cowls because they are fast to knit and easy to wear with no fuss. Sorry for your loss but glad to hear that your knitting mojo is coming back. May your knitting bring you peace and comfort.

  43. I love to knit cowl because they are small and portable and allow me to experiment with new stitches and techniques. love the blue!

  44. Ann,
    It’s fun to knit cowls. They are portable, have interesting stitch patterns, and are beautiful to wear.

    Sorry to learn of your father’s passing. May his memory always be in your heart.

  45. Linda Bohannon

    I love to knit cowls as they are a quick knit. Also, make great gifts. Thanks for the giveaway,

  46. Ann,
    I just started your Craftsy class on socks and am enjoying the challenge of knitting a new item. I felt connected to you as a teacher and was so sad to read the news about your father’s passing. The photo you posted of him wearing one of your hand-knit sweaters and cherishing his cat is lovely. I’m sorry for your loss and admire your teaching skill. I’m glad your feeling well enough to knit and post.

  47. I am sorry to read about your dad. He looks like a very sweet man.
    I love cowls because they are like a hat and scarf all in one. I use my “honey cowl” as an infinity scarf mostly, but in a pinch I can put it on my head, wrap it double and I kind of have a balaclava (and look like an 1800’s wife of a fisherman!). I also like knitting in the round – less purling!
    Am knitting yet another pair of socks from your “getting started knitting socks” book now!

  48. Sara Glenn-Levin

    I like to knit cowls because, unlike scarves, they can’t fall off!
    Beautiful color!
    Thanks for the chance to win.

  49. I like to knit cowls because, unlike scarves, they can’t fall off!
    Beautiful color!
    Thanks for the chance to win.

  50. Thanks for such a nice giveaway! I love knitting cowls because we really need to stay warm here in Buffalo, New York. I’ve knit cowls for my daughters and nieces in addition to myself. It’s so rewarding to see them wearing the cowls that I’ve made. Your pattern looks like it would be fun to knit and I LOVE the Quince & Co yarn. It has such nice stitch definition.
    Happy Mother’s Day!

  51. I knit cowls cause I just love wearing them! I can’t seem to add anything but black to my wardrobe and a little cowl like a cowl is just perfectl

  52. I like knitting cowls because I can use up those impulsive one skein buys of beautiful yarn!

  53. I love knitting cowls because they seem to go way faster than a scarf and don’t seem to be as boring, lol. Maybe because they’re knit in the round and you’re not constantly going back and forth, or maybe it’s just me.

  54. I love cowls- nothing to sew together, able to stay focused and not get bored so unlikely to languish as WIP, plus wearable during our mild southwest winters .

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