Zigzag–Heel Flapped!

I’m thoroughly enjoying Anne Campbell’s Zigzag pattern in New Directions in Sock Knitting! The heel flap and gussets are worked simultaneously with the instep.


It’s hard to show in a single photo, but gusset stitches are increased on each side of the heel flap, and a few stitches are increased in the center of the flap. These stitches will be decreased as the heel is turned through a series of short-rows in the usual manner. That means that there are no gusset stitches to be picked up — ingenious!

1 thought on “Zigzag–Heel Flapped!”

  1. Wow, the heel method may itself be worth the price of the book. Will it work on any sock?
    Was in beautiful Boulder and Salida last week, absolutely gorgeous. Salida is a wonderful little town, I bought some local alpaca/merino at Fringe. I think it will be come a hat for my grandson.

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