New Directions in Knitting Socks

I’m pleased to announce that my newest book, New Directions in Sock Knitting is now available for pre-order from!

New Directions in Socks coverNot just another book of knitted socks, New Directions in Sock Knitting includes 18 inventive ways to push the limits of sock construction, including bottom up, top down, side to side, and combinations of directions. In this book, you’ll find an array of socks that deviate a little to a lot from the traditional top-down or toe-up construction. From the imaginative ways that heels, gussets, and toes are formed to the ingenious directions of the knitting, I hope this book will change the way you think about knitting socks.

The eighteen designs herein represent the efforts of seventeen designers (Kathryn Alexander, Kate Atherley, Anne Berk, Carissa Browning, Anne Campbell, Rachel Coopey, Hunter Hammersen, General Hogbuffer, Jennifer Leigh, Heidi Nick, Louise Robert, Betty Slapekar, Jeny Staiman, Nicola Susen, Marjan Hammink, and Nathalia Vasilieva) who have puzzled out new ways to knit socks. The designs range from quite simple socks that are appropriate for first-time sock knitters to engineering feats that may require a leap of faith for those accustomed to traditional sock constructions.

Techniques include mitered triangles and scallops, double knitting, intarsia in the round, short-row shaping, mirrored color and texture patterns, the addition of laceweight mohair for warmth and durability, and multiple knitting directions. The socks feature unusual heel, gusset, or toe shaping, clever use of color, or a neat trick in construction. In all cases, the instructions are written in step-by-step detail that will ensure success.

To pre-order your copy from Amazon, click here, then join my Ravelry group Budd’s Buds for a knitalong of these fascinating designs.

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  1. I think outside the box whenever I knit. I look for workable shortcuts which add to the pattern. And I always knit the second sock first,lol!

  2. This looks like a beautiful book and its so good for my brain to learn something new!!! (post brain tumor)

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