New Directions in Sock Knitting Raffle

To encourage you to join me in my New Directions in Sock Knitting Raffle, I’m holding a raffle for a copy of the book. Respond to this post telling me why you’d like to knit a sock from a different direction and I’ll include your name in the pot.

NDSK Final Cover.indd

I’ll announce the winner Saturday, September 17.

34 thoughts on “New Directions in Sock Knitting Raffle”

  1. I’ve seen such innovative ways of using variegated and self-striping yarns, that I would love to try myself.

  2. I love knitting socks and am usually successful in making a pair that fit. I haven’t had that kind of luck with sweaters unfortunately. I’m always interested in learning new techniques and skills, and your book would provide wonderful new challenges.

  3. I would like a copy because I have just begun (what I hope will be) a lifelong love affair with socks. I never understood why anyone would take the time to knit something that will be shoved into shoes, unseen. Then I wore my first pair of knitted socks. Turns out I love making them too. I want to knit EVERYTHING related to socks – toe up, cuff down, fish lips heel, afterthought heel, bootie socks, knee high socks, classic patterns, funky designs. When I saw New Directions I swooned at the possibilities, and I haven’t really stopped thinking about them since!

  4. Susanne Scheurwater

    First, I knit socks on dpns like almost everyone, then I learned how to knit on two circs! So now I do two on two circs. When I’m finished I have a pair. Then I fiddled with the heel types, and finally I started knitting toe up to use up as much yarn as possible. Now I would like to learn a different way! Thanks for the offer.

  5. I would like to try this because I have been intrigued by the unusual construction months in Sock Knitter’s Anonymous. But I have never tried any of the many patterns.

  6. Hi Ann! As a knitter, I tend to get bored easily with straight-forward patterns or large swaths of stockinette. I have dabbled in unusually constructed socks, and would love to have a copy of your book to dive right into!

  7. Why not? Life’s an adventure and so is knitting. Love to try something different in the world of sock knitting.

  8. I am new to sock knitting and can easily see why socks are so popular. Small works of art to wear on your feet! Thank you for your dedication to knitting and sharing your knowledge with us. BTW I love your new knitted skirt pattern as well… about a work of art!

  9. I make a practice of always having a sock in the works because they are such neat pieces of knitting engineering. New sock techniques are always fun to knit and appreciate!

  10. Your comments on the socks you have bee knitting made them seem fun to knit and anything from a different direction seems Ike fun!

  11. I rarely knit the same pattern twice. I love to try new patterns and new ways of knitting socks. This book would be perfect with all the new ways to knit socks

  12. I have never knitted socks so I would love to knit my first pair in a different way… I can then share with friends that have knit socks before

  13. Just because ……………………. Okay. I like to take the path less trodden. It makes life interesting. Besides, one should never tire of learning a different way to accomplish a task. One never knows when they will need that bit of knowledge.

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