Boomerang Socks — Making Progress

Welcome to the second installment of my progress on Louise Robert’s Boomerang Socks from New Directions in Sock Knitting.


Can I just say that these socks are proving to be a lot of fun to knit! I’ve completed the bottom of the back of the leg and the bottom of the foot, including the toe (on the left) and heel (in the center) shaping.

completed sole

Although the rows are long, the stripes keep my attention and make me always want to “knit one more row.” The next step is to work the toe stitches in a lace pattern while joining the foot and leg stitches on each side as I make my up the instep. I suspect that I’m going to have even more trouble putting down my knitting when the broad, lacy stripes start appearing!

I encourage you to join me in this adventure. Post your progress under New Directions in Sock Knitting on my Ravelry group, Budd’s Buds.


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