Knit Stars 4.0

Last year I had the terrific opportunity to be part of Knit Stars 3.0: North Stars Rising, the brain child of Shelley Brander of Loops yarn shop in Tulsa, Oklahoma. I taught how to cut and finish steeks with a zipper or buttons. I had a blast filming the segment and am honored to have been included in the impressive group of stars.

This year’s Knit Stars 4.0: I’ll Alpaca My Bag will take you to new heights in Peru, weaving together the stories of the Pacomarca Sustainable Alpaca Network and the Centro de Textiles Tradicionales del Cusco, whose mission is to aid in the survival of Cusqueñan textile traditions and to provide support to the indigenous people who create them.

You’ll then east to discover how non-profit Manos del Uruguay is working with rural women to provide jobs that are more than an income, but also an opportunity to develop personally, gain independence, preserve their roots and traditions, and remain close to their families and community.

And you’ll criss-cross North America, from Nova Scotia to Oregon and everywhere in between…learning the stories of knitters and crocheters, designers and dyers…all united in their passion for the craft and their desire to spread the joy of creativity.

In all, there will be 11 informative episodes, many of which include an exclusive pattern:

  • Pacomarca – Preserving and Celebrating the Andean Way of Life
  • Martha Wissing – A Chullo-Style Hat
  • Lucy Neatby – Two-Color Double Knitting
  • Susan B. Anderson – Seamless Toy Knitting Techniques
  • Cecelia Lalanne – Hand Dyeing the Manos Way
  • Blue Sky Fibers – Adventures in Cabling
  • Andrea Wong  – Portuguese-Style Knitting
  • Hannah Thiessen – Slow Knitting, Natural Dyes, and Mending Knits
  • Marly Bird – Crochet Mending
  • Diane Ivey – Guide to Moving Forward: from Social Media to Building Inclusive Communities
  • Caitlin Hunter – Traditional Colorwork, Reinvented

It’s good to know that Knit Stars is deeply committed to diversity of all kinds – race, ethnicity, religion, sexual identity, gender identity, age, geodiversity, and the inclusion of people with all ranges of ability, many of whom are unable to travel to access inspirational teachers. Year after year, Knit Stars will continue to strive toward shining a loving spotlight on teachers, dyers, and thought leaders across the broad and beautiful global spectrum that is the fiber universe.

Open enrollment begins this Thursday, October 24. Don’t procrastinate — enrollment closes in just 7 days: at midnight Pacific Standard Time on Thursday, October 31.

Click on the following link to register.

Let’s knit this world together!




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California Bound!

La JollaThe autumn 2019 Knit For Fun Retreat will take place September 19-22, 2019 in the seaside town of La Jolla, California. We’ll escape to the hacienda-style haven Estancia La Jolla Hotel and Spa, located just blocks from the world-class Torrey Pines Golf Course. This four-diamond hotel is surrounded by beautiful gardens and features a luxury spa, including a heated saltwater pool and whirlpool, complete with poolside cabanas. What’s more, a complementary bottle of Napa’s finest Trinitas Cellars Wine is included with each room!

The on-site marketplace will be hosted by Yarning For You of nearby San Marcos, California. This delightful shop is owned by mother-daughter duo Lynn and Lacey Koch who took a beginning knitting class together several years ago. The rest is knitting history.

Lynn and Lacey plan to bring lots of local talent and indie dyed yarn to the retreat marketplace. You’re sure to find something special!

Guest teachers will be Estonian knitting expert Nancy Bush, author of AlterKnit Stitch Dictionary Andrea Rangel, and Intrepretations co-author Veera Valimaki. Again, I’ll fill in as the Knit Doctor to help with whatever ails your knitting mojo.

As always, attendees get one 3-hour class with each instructor, plus a chance for a one-on-one appointment with the Knit Doctor. You can also opt for a 6-hour add-on class the opening day of the retreat for an additional fee.

Nancy Bush Will Teach:

Nancy Bush

Estonian Cast-Ons–Useful and Colorful Beginnings (3 hours)
The Estonians have many interesting ways to cast on for their knitting, each giving a unique effect. Students will learn several different ways to cast on, including variat

ions of a decorative braided cast on and an outstanding, stretchy and bold cast on for socks, cuffs or even the edge of a sweater. Students will learn when to use each technique and what makes each one special.
Yarn will be provided in class.

Nordic Color–Roositud, and Estonian Inlay Technique (3 hours)
Estonians use a special inlay technique for adding decorative color motifs to gloves and socks. Unlike embroidery, the technique is worked right into the knitting, row by row. Learn how to read Roositud charts and work this unique and colorful embellishment by knitting a sample in class.
Yarn will be provided in class.

Knitting Estonian Lace–A 200-Year History (3 hours)
Estonia has a lace tradition spanning nearly 200 years. In this class, you’ll explore the stitch patterns and some of the history of lace knitting from Haapsalu. Through knitting a sampler, you’ll learn several ways that Estonian knitters create texture in their exquisite lace shawls.
Yarn will be provided in class.

Muhu Knitting Traditions–Color and Texture from a Small Estonian Island (6-hour add-on class)
The knitting from Muhu Island, off the west coast of Estonia, has gone through many changes since knitting was first practiced there several centuries ago. Learn the evolution of knitting on Muhu and learn about the colorful, intricate braided and patterned cuffs of Muhu mittens and gloves, popular in the 19th and early 20th centuries, all while making a mitten, or mitt using unique techniques.

Andrea Rangel Will Teach:

Andrea RangelThe Fine Art of Yarn Substitution–Change Can Be Good (3 hours)
Have you ever had trouble choosing the appropriate yarn for a pattern? In this class, you’ll be guided through the intricacies of fiber, yarn weight, and plies. You’ll learn how to decode yarn labels to match the perfect yarn to your project. You’ll get lots of hands-on experience examining Andrea’s extensive collection of swatches.

The Basics of Stranded Colorwork–Color Your World! (3 hours)
Two colors of yarn can be used to create an infinite variety of beautiful patterns in knitted fabrics. Take the plunge and learn to work stranded colorwork. Andrea will guide you through all the elements needed to knit striking stranded patterns. Learn to read color charts, manage two balls of yarn, catch floats, and create gorgeous smooth fabric while working a fun cowl. You’ll also get hints on how to pick colors that shine together and which yarns will work best for your project.

Increasing & Decreasing Master Class–Adding and Subtracting with Style (3 hours)
Dive into the intricacies of shaping knitted fabric. Practice a variety of increases and decreases and learn the pros and cons of each method. You’ll learn how to make your shaping lean left, right, or center, and why it matters. You’ll also learn how to use shaping to improve the fit of your sweaters. This class will deepen your understanding of knitting, and allow you to add beautiful detailed precision to your projects.

Brioche and Beyond (6-hour add-on class)
Brioche knitting creates a lofty, squishy, and reversible fabric. In this class, learn to work basic brioche and two-color brioche, along with increases, decreases, and finishing techniques. Following instructions for both Continental and British-style knitters, you’ll work a brioche sampler.

Veera Valimaki Will Teach:

Colorplay–Unleash Your Creativity (3 hours)
This class focuses on color in knitting—what to expect from certain colors, which colors to pair, and which to begin with. You’ll learn basic color theory hands-on while knitting swatches. You’ll leave class full of inspiration and confidence!

Stripes–Beyond the Basics (3 hours)
Learn how to add stripes to your knitting, how to best work them, and how to make stripes extra special with easy techniques. You’ll also learn what to expect from certain colors and which colors pair best, how to enhance stripes with simple stitch patterns, knitting jogless stripes in the round, working stripes with short-rows, and keeping the edges neat.

Round-Yoke Sweaters–A Knitter’s Canvas (3 hours)
This class is dedicated to the art of round-yoke sweaters. Through knitting a mini sample yoke, you’ll learn the basic construction and math, then explore different ways to add colorwork, lace, or other stitch patterns. The lovely look and wide-ranging design possibilities make a round-yoke sweater ideal for experimentation.

Shawl Shapes–So Many Options! (6-hour add-on class)
In this class, you’ll learn the most common shawl constructions and how to take your shawl knitting to a whole new level. In addition to basic shawl shapes—triangle, crescent, square, circular, etc.—you’ll learn how to add stitch patterns while increasing or decreasing to form the desired shape.

In Addition to Being the Knit Doctor, I will also teach a 6-hour add-on class:
A Skirt for All Seasons–Design a Custom-Fit “Pleated” Skirt
Knitted skirts are becoming wardrobe staples—and they’re a lot easier to knit than you might think (they require just three to four skeins of sock yarn)! Learn how to take proper waist and hip measurements and combine them with your gauge to create a “pleated” skirt with a perfect fit, no matter your size. You’ll leave with a personalized skirt pattern for your yarn and gauge.

Click here for all the details and to register for this splendid opportunity!

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Private Sale of Knit Stars 1.0, 2.0, and 3.0

From now through midnight Friday, February 1st, you can sign up for Knit Stars 1.0, 2.0, and 3.0 for just $199 per season.

Complete your collection by adding any seasons you may have missed, and become an All Star and access the bonus materials, including Pattern Vault, Topic Index, and Bonus Footage.

If you haven’t purchased any seasons, you can join during this sale by purchasing 1.0, 2.0, or 3.0 (or all three!). The current price of $199 per season will go up to $229 per season the next time they are offered.

If you use my link (, I’ll get a kickback and we all win!

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Knit Stars 3.0 Update

I recently taped my segment of Knit Stars 3.0: North Stars Rising. Unlike other video workshops I’ve done, I got to tape this one in the comfort of my own home.

It took about six hours to tape what will be about 60 minutes of class. During the class, I instruct how to secure steek stitches with slipstitch crochet, cut the steek open, then finish the edges with a zipper or button band. It’s similar to a class I’ve taught for a couple of years.

I’ve found that many knitters are wary of cutting their knitting (and, honestly, who can blame them?) and are uncomfortable attaching a zipper to knitting. To minimize the knitting time, I teach the techniques on a cool little cup cozy. The cozy can be knitted in a couple of hours so students don’t feel as though they may sacrifice a whole lot of knitting time if the cutting goes wrong (it never does, by the way).

I knitted nine step-outs in preparation for the day of taping. I didn’t want to waste time knitting on set when I could easily grab a separate cozy for each technique.

We set up stage on my desk, which I covered with a linen tablecloth to provide a neutral background. Once the camera was set up, we used masking tape to mark off the edges of the field of view. The tape helped me stay focused in the center.











After the last segment was tapped, I’m not sure who was more delighted — me because I got through it all or my videographer, Daniel who had time to join his girlfriend at a local brewery! Suffice it to say that we were both happy.

Now Daniel’s real work begins — he has to put together a cohesive class from all the starts and stops of the taping, and cut out all my blunders!

Knit Stars 3.0 will debut November 26 – December 14.

Freebie videos will become available October 16, 19, and 23, followed by a live Q&A with the makers of Knit Stars on October 24.

Enrollment for Knit Stars 1.0, 2.0, and 3.0 (including yours truly in 3.0) will be open for one week between October 25 and November 1. After that, the classes will be unavailable for an indefinite amount of time. Mark your calendars for the dates if you’d like to join in (and I hope you do!).

Live Q&A with the teachers will take place December 15 and December 16.

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Back-to-School Sale!

For three days only, Craftsy Classes are under $20 
Back-to-school savings aren’t just for kids! Tomorrow through Sunday (August 17 – 19), every Craftsy class is on sale (some restrictions apply). This includes my three classes Save Our Stitches: Fixing Knitting Mistakes, Essential Skills for Sock Knitting, and Knit Like a Master, as well as tons of new classes.



Knit Like a Master Craftsy Class

Continue your path of learning from the comfort of your home.

You don’t need a coupon to save. Simply choose from the huge selection by clicking here.


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Knit Stars 3.0 Update

I’ve been scurrying to knit all the necessary step-outs for my upcoming Knit Stars 3.0 segment. It’s all very exciting.

I’ll be teaching how to cut and finish a steek with a zipper or button band. Downloadable instructions are included for knitting two cup cozies — one with a bright zipper and one with a tidy button band. You don’t have to commit too much time to knitting the small pieces before you can practice the fine art of adding closures to steeks! Once you successfully cut your knitting, you’ll wonder what all the fuss is about.

Special yarns have been dyed by my friend Ana Clerc of Yarn Carnival for my cup cozy project. Kits will be available through Loops in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

Knit Stars 3.0 will launch in November. Sales are currently closed but you can get your name on the waitlist to ensure your spot when they open again this fall.

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Announcing Knit Stars 3.0

I’m very excited to announce that I get to be a Knit Star this year! Knit Stars is an online workshop that’s available around the world to anyone who has internet access. You’ll get access to my lesson on finishing steeks with zippers or buttonbands and well as lessons from 11 other teachers. This will be the biggest online yarn party ever!

You can find all of the details by clicking here.

Join now to take advantage of the earlybird rate of just $179. That’s less than $15 per class!

My fellow teachers are:

Andrea Rangel
Ann Shayne & Kay Gardiner / Mason Dixon Knitting
Arne & Carlos
Carson Demers, Ergo I Knit
Cecelia Campochiaro
Christel Seyfarth, Art Knits
Lorilee Beltman
Mary Jane Mucklestone
Veera Välimäki
I hope to “see” you there!

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Knit Like A Master DVD

Look what arrived in my mailbox! My Craftsy class titled Knit Like A Master is now available as a DVD so you can watch it even when you don’t have internet access.

This, my third Craftsy class, includes everything I think every knitter should know that will fit into the three-hour video workshop format. From knitting and measuring a proper gauge swatch to seaming and weaving in ends, this class shows ways to master your knitting. Tips and tricks along the way will help you bring your knitting to a professional level, whether you’re a beginner or have been knitting for years.

FYI, my first Craftsy class, Save Our Stitches: Fixing Knitting Mistakes, is available on DVD as well. I hope it’s only a matter of time before my second class, Essential Skills for Sock Knitting, makes it’s way to DVD format.

I love the Craftsy platform and think you will, too!

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The Doctor Will Be In

Dr. Ann

I’m excited to announce that his weekend I’ll be attending the Loops Retreat 2018 in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

The retreat will take place February 1 – 4 at the Doubletree Warren Place Hotel in Tulsa, just across the street from Loops Yarn shop.

While Andrea Mowry, Romi Hill, and Carson Demers teach classes, on brioche, lace, cables, and knitting happily ever after, I’ll hold clinic hours as the Knit Doctor. Participants can sign up for 20-minute one-on-one sessions for any type of knitting consultation from taking measurements and choosing yarn to finding your place on a piece gone wrong and fixing mistakes to choosing the right yarn for a project.

All brave patients will be rewarded with a lollipop!




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