Craftsy Sock Class Winner

I love all the reasons all of you love to knit socks!

The lucky winner of Essential Skills for Sock Knitting is Roxanne, who wrote:

“Being over 70 inspires (requires?) that I multi-task or combine more than one element in everything that I do.
I enjoy knitting socks because I get utility along with beauty in the finished product.
Socks are portable and offer endless possibilities for customizing PLUS they keep your feet warm.
Double points, endless loop, cuff down, toe up, a multitude of ways to turn a heel…. Oh my goodness how I love to knit socks!!”

I’m with you Roxanne — multi-tasking is the way to go! I hope you find lots of inspiration (and help) in the class.

For the rest of you, you can get the class at 50% off by clicking on this link.

Here’s to happy feet all winter long!

1 thought on “Craftsy Sock Class Winner”

  1. I’m the other Roxanne. For a minute I thought I won. LOL. Thank you for the 50% off Ann. Looking forward to the class.

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