New Workshops

I’ve spent the summer generating NEW workshop classes that I’ll teach at Knit For Fun Retreats, as well as other retreats and gatherings.

Decorative Cast-Ons: Learn an assortment of decorative cast-on techniques that will add unexpected style to the edges of whatever you knit. Techniques will include Channel Island, I-Cord, Braid, Fringe, and others as time permits.

Decorative Cast-Ons 2

Knitting Steeks and Inserting Zippers: Learn how to add steeks so two- (or more) color patterns that are worked in rounds can be cut open—typically for a front opening, armholes, and neckline of a sweater. In this class, you’ll knit a coffee clutch with a two-color pattern and steek stitches, then cut the steek open and finish the cut edge with a colorful zipper.

Cup Cozy 2

Flexible Cast-Ons and Bind-Offs for Comfortable Socks: Socks are most comfortable if the cuff edge is flexible enough to stretch over the heel and firm enough to hug the leg. Learn a variety of my favorite methods for starting and ending socks, whether they’re knitted from the toe up or the top down, including the Cable, Old Norwegian (also called German Twisted), and Tubular cast-ons, as well as Jeny’s Surprisingly Stretchy, Tubular, and Sewn bind-offs.

Flexible CO and BO best

Matching Cast-Ons and Bind-Offs for Working In Rounds: Learn three to four interesting and elastic cast-ons and their matching bind-offs. Armed with these techniques, you can get the same look whether you knit your socks or sweaters from the bottom up or top down!

Matching CO and BO in Rnds

Shadow Knitting: Variously called “Japanese fine knitting” and “optical knitting, “shadow knitting” is the term introduced by Vivian Høxbro to describe a technique in which purl ridges define a pattern on a two-color striped stockinette-stitch background. The right-side ridges cast a “shadow” pattern that comes and goes depending on the angle at which it is observed. When viewed straight on, the fabric resembles simple two-row stripes. When viewed at an angle, the garter ridges predominate and a different pattern is visible. Learn this ingenious technique by knitting a swatch with a heart motif.

Shadow Knitting 2

Notify your local yarn shop or guild — maybe I can teach one (or more) of these classes in your neighborhood!

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  1. Will you be bringing any of these to Shuttles? Pretty please. I’m very much enjoying your new Craftsy sock class.

  2. What a fantastic little project for learning to steek! A lot less intimidating than a whole sweater! I want to take a workshop!

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