Nearing The End of The Saga

This morning I got the staples removed from my arm (12 days after surgery). The nurse practitioner who removed the staples happened to have helped in surgery so she was quite familiar with my case. Under normal circumstances, this type of surgery is performed along the back of the arm where the eventual scar is a little less visible. But in my case, she explained that the break was too high and they had to attack it from the front. Good thing I prefer 3/4-length sleeves to sleeveless shirts, because this promises to leave a fairly noticeable scar.

Now I’m going to show three images of the process. If you’re queezy, you might not want to scroll down. But keep in mind that it’s my arm, not yours, and I am making great progress.

The first photo shows my arm after the last layer of bandages was removed. The yellow strip is some type of antiseptic pad they put on top of staples.

last bandage covering staples

The discoloration is a combination of bruising and the solution used to wash my arm before they made the initial slit.

The next photo reveals the staples used to hold the slit together.

staples close up

I counted — there are 28 of them!

The last photo shows the staples removed (less painful than having stitches removed), resulting in an arm that can finally take a shower.

no staples close up

I start physical therapy on my elbow and shoulder next week, then I have another x-ray in four weeks. If all goes well (and why shouldn’t it?), I’ll then start physical therapy on the muscles between my elbow and shoulder, which have become extremely weak.

And as soon as I stop taking narcotic pain meds, I can drive again (and drink a toast to celebrate my progress)! That’s plenty of incentive for me to put up with a little discomfort.