It’s Still All About Me

Thank you for all of your good wishes for a successful surgery last week. The surgeon said everything went fine and that the plate and screws he inserted will be mine for life. He even showed me a couple of photos of his handiwork.

The first is a side view (I think) showing all ten (10!) screws holding the plate in place on the left. My husband said it looked like something our boys would have done if given a piece of wood and 10 nails. But I guess the surgeon wasn’t trying for symmetry.

10 pins

The second image is straight on, showing the plate on top of the bone. Unfortunately, the bone isn’t perfectly aligned because there was so much scar tissue that had to be scraped away and calcium had begun to deposit on the tips of the displaced bones. (Hmm, I bet that wouldn’t have been the case if they didn’t make we wait 6 weeks for the surgery.)

Plate showing offset

The one screw that’s at an angle is supposedly holding the two pieces together as best as possible.

Anyway, I’ve learned to manage the pain (again) these last 6 days and I think that I’ll have the courage to start knitting again in a few days.