Enough Already

What’s with all the snow this year?!

I know I shouldn’t complain because Colorado isn’t nearly as bad as the East Coast. We got about 10″ on Sunday, but had a few sunny days since then and a lot melted. But our backyard went from this at 3pm yesterday:

Feb 25, 2015

To this when I got up this morning:

Feb 26, 2015_2

That’s another healthy 10″. And I have to drive through it to a physical therapy session in 20 minutes.

Still, I have the good sense to be thankful that I don’t live on the East Coast. One of my brothers lives in Boston, which has recorded a record 7 feet of snow in 3 weeks. It’s all he can do to keep a path to the front door.

My brother's house

His mother-in-law lives a few blocks away, and it looks even worse there.

Path from neighbor's garage to house

My friend Lori, who also lives in Boston sent the following photo proving that hell has frozen over:

Cemetary Snowmen

Wishing you lots of warm woolies wherever you are!