A Beautiful Sight

Like a lot of the country, it’s been cold and snowy here (with another 8″ predicted tomorrow). But here in Colorado, the storms are usually interrupted by a sunny day or two. Even though the temps have maxed out at 20 degrees since the last storm, the sun has helped to keep the roads manageable (along with snowplows and sanders, of course).

And, it’s helped to melt the snow that’s already fallen. I wanted to share the beautiful sight outside my home office window.

Feb 27 icesikles 1

My husband claims that the ice sickles are an indication of leaky gutters. But I think they are just lovely and prefer to think that they’re a harbinger of brighter days to come.

Wishing your brighter days, too.

4 thoughts on “A Beautiful Sight”

  1. Winter is trying to arrive in mid-MO
    But so far has not made her appearance
    Snow is predicted for this afternoon and overnight
    Three to six inches
    We’ll see
    hugs ‘n smiles
    and dry pavement

  2. it is snowy beautiful here in Virginia on the shores of the Chesapeake Bay. Spring will come soon! March begins tomorrow!

  3. Hi Ann, I forgot to mention how to care for your incision. You can put lotion on it after about 6 weeks. Cocoa butter worked well for my husband’s incision. The incision will be hard for a while as the skin meshes together. Overtime, it will soften. It will slowly fade from pink (new) to old (white).

    We are getting more snow tomorrow. The sun has come out today with melt off. You can see pavement on our street for the first time in about 3 weeks. I am waiting for Spring but I know that March can be very cruel. Happy healing.

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