I’m Trying

Thanks for all the good wishes for a speedy recovery. Tomorrow I get another x-ray to see if the bone is properly aligned and is “knitting” back together. I love that they refer to bones as “knitting” and I’ve assumed that my case should be exceptionally quick, given the amount of knitting I’ve done throughout my life.

But, in terms of knitting with yarn, things aren’t going so well for me. A few days after I got the compression brace, I cast on some stitches to give it a go. I didn’t have much trouble casting on, but when it came to actually knitting those stitches, each one took serious effort–my left hand just didn’t want to cooperate with tensioning the yarn. I took a photo after knitting a couple of stitches, then took some pain meds and went to bed.

first row cast on

I’m sure that part of the problem is that my left hand has been so swollen. I think you need knuckles to knit. Fortunately, the swelling has gone down a bit.

swollen hand

After four weeks, I’ve managed several rows of garter stitch, followed by a couple of inches of stockinette. I then joined the stitches to see if I could knit in rounds. I can do it, but it’s slow and arduous. I even tried a few rows tensioning the yarn in my right hand (throwing, English style), without any better luck.

total knitting after 4 weeks

I have great compassion for new knitters!