From Bad to Worse

Being the avid knitter that I am, I cannot come to grips with the fact that my broken bones are not knitting together on their own. Here’s the x-ray that was taken in the hospital December 25, which shows three breaks–one that goes completely across the bone along with displacement, and a spiral break on the upper segment along with a splinter towards the bottom of the upper piece.

xray Dec 25

Two doctors agreed that I could get by without surgery if I work a splint for two weeks, followed by a compression brace that would hold the pieces together. It seemed like a fine idea to me.

But the x-ray taken three weeks later (Jan 15) showed that the two main pieces had moved. If you’re queasy, don’t scroll down.

xray Jan 15

The doctor adjusted the compression brace and told me to come back in two more weeks (Jan 29) for another x-ray.

xray Jan 29

Sadly, there’s not much improvement and the swelling in my forearm and hand won’t go away. A friend mentioned that the bones looked like two crossed knitting needles (I guess the problem is that there’s no yarn for them to knit with).

I’m scheduled for surgery next Thursday (Feb 5) unless there is a cancellation before then. I’ve never had surgery but I have to admit that I’m looking forward to this one. All along I’ve been able to feel the bones grind against one another and I’m taking far more pain pills and muscle relaxers than I’d like.

Positive healing thoughts are much appreciated.

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  1. EEE GADDS!!!
    Sending Very Positive Thoughts regarding your surgery and
    Positive Energies toward your Speedy Recovery, gal.
    You have our Love
    Hugs ‘n Smiles,

  2. Sending lots of good thoughts to you and your Surgeon. It really does look like surgical repair would be the best fix. (Old nurse again) .As we get older our bone knitting does slow so, this is like adding Addi Turbos to your project.

  3. I’m thinking of you, Ann, and sending lots of positive thoughts your way. I hope the surgery brings about much faster healing.

  4. All good thoughts to you. I can only imagine your frustration at not being able to knit. Speedy recovery to you!

  5. Thinking and praying for the best outcome for you! Also, I always say a prayer for the surgeon’s steady hand. Bless you.

  6. Many and sincere good wishes and vibes that the surgery goes perfectly and that you are back at your knitting needles soon!

  7. We miss you and are sending prayers that your surgery goes perfectly and you can get back to doing what you love!

  8. Sending you healing energy. Know your positive attitude in the face of a set-back will get you far. Hoping you are back at your needles soon!

  9. Thoughts and prayers for the upcoming surgery, Ms. Budd. It is good news though to have that corrected. Feeling the bones grind…eeek!

  10. I am so sorry the bones did not heal by themselves and hope the surgery happens soon so that you can get this behind you. Happy Knitting in all ways!

  11. Ann, my heart goes out to you. That is a wickedly nasty-looking break. Moreover, it sickens my heart that it is effecting your knitting. Have you tried right hand carry? Hopefully your are not in too much pain. Not to worry about not previous experience surgery. It’s a piece of cake these days. Just let them know that you are as I am a big old baby (and I really am) and the whole team from the doctors down to the janitor will baby and pamper just as you deserve. Take care until the 5th and know all of your “budds” with being praying from here until you all better. … Hugs and Prayers Andi Biot

  12. Oh, Ann! I’m so sorry to see how bad that break is and that’s it’s gotten worse. Lots of prayers and thoughts are coming your way for successful surgery and good healing afterwards.

  13. Barbara Keil RN

    Tips for surgery:
    Ask for good pain meds
    The anaesthesia may make you nauseated so do not eat too much after surgery
    Keep the arm elevated as much as possible
    Do what the nurses tell you to do.

    Ps I forgot to tell you I am a nurse. Keep us al posted and good luck.

  14. Sending positive healing thoughts for the op and recovery all the way from New Zealand. Wishing you all the best.

  15. Susan Ritchie Voegtly

    Hang in there, Ann!!! Your patience learned with knitting projects will be called on now. Sorry but…. You will get there! Love!!

  16. Wow you really did a number on yourself girl. It hurts to look at it, I don’t know how you have endured for this period of time. I’m sure the surgery will go well and you’ll be on the mend soon. I will keep you in my prayers and positive thoughts are coming your way.

  17. Ay, yi, yi! This past month must have been so painful for you! Surgery is bound to be easier than what you’ve already been through. May it go smoothly and you heal quickly!

  18. Ouch! Those x-rays make me hurt just looking at them. Get well Ann! I hope the surgery goes smoothly.

  19. Sending positive thoughts your way. About 5 years ago I broke both ankles and one needed surgery because the bones had shifted. I learned to not be “brave” and to ask for pain meds and to be patient and let my body heal. Take care.

  20. I’ve been thinking about you a lot and what you are going through. Best wishes for a successful surgery and a speedy recovery.

  21. Hope all goes well , looks like they will be pinning it. Shame they waited all this time, unnecessary suffering.

  22. All best wishes on a successful surgery and speedy recovery, Ann, and skill to your surgeon’s hands.

  23. Nancy from Chickasaw country

    May your bones knit soon so soon you can knit!!!! Good thoughts for pain relief and mended bones.

  24. While surgery generally sounds unpleasant, it will get those bones correctly lined up! THEN they can heal. Years ago I broke my left humerus in a fall – from a height! – but had two spiral breaks and not a through-bone break, so compression splint was enough. So I do know how much pain and annoyance you have. Meds are good, you heal faster when pain is controlled. When the time comes, trust your Physical Therapist. It will take a while to get muscle strength back. Eat meat and fresh vegetables – growing strong bone takes nutrients. This spring your only job is to help your body heal. GOOD LUCK!! Next Christmas you will be back to normal.

  25. Laura from beautiful West Michigan

    Oh, my goodness! Many prayers and thoughts heading your way. When I broke my humerus, I was totally drugged up and out of it but only for about a week until they put a rod in. I can’t imagine how you have been managing with the pain! Hang in there. You’ll feel so much better after the surgery.

  26. This is a huge bummer – I’ve been hoping for better news, but will send good thoughts and healing vibes your way. Here’s to being on the mend ASAP!

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