From Bad to Worse

Being the avid knitter that I am, I cannot come to grips with the fact that my broken bones are not knitting together on their own. Here’s the x-ray that was taken in the hospital December 25, which shows three breaks–one that goes completely across the bone along with displacement, and a spiral break on the upper segment along with a splinter towards the bottom of the upper piece.

xray Dec 25

Two doctors agreed that I could get by without surgery if I work a splint for two weeks, followed by a compression brace that would hold the pieces together. It seemed like a fine idea to me.

But the x-ray taken three weeks later (Jan 15) showed that the two main pieces had moved. If you’re queasy, don’t scroll down.

xray Jan 15

The doctor adjusted the compression brace and told me to come back in two more weeks (Jan 29) for another x-ray.

xray Jan 29

Sadly, there’s not much improvement and the swelling in my forearm and hand won’t go away. A friend mentioned that the bones looked like two crossed knitting needles (I guess the problem is that there’s no yarn for them to knit with).

I’m scheduled for surgery next Thursday (Feb 5) unless there is a cancellation before then. I’ve never had surgery but I have to admit that I’m looking forward to this one. All along I’ve been able to feel the bones grind against one another and I’m taking far more pain pills and muscle relaxers than I’d like.

Positive healing thoughts are much appreciated.