Beauty and the Beast

Thank you all for your kind words of encouragement–I do appreciate it. And I appreciate the flowers sent by family and friends. They certainly add a lot of beauty to the cold gray days we’ve been having.

ann flowers

This morning I was measured for a smaller cast, which I’ll get next week. In order to measure my arm, the doctor had to remove the upper part of the brace that I’ve been wearing since I fell last week. If you’re quezy, you might not want to scroll down to see the (blurry) photo my husband took of my exposed upper arm. The color would do Shrek proud.

Ann broken arm

Once I get the new brace, I should have full wrist and elbow mobility (within my pain tolerance limits) and I expect to try knitting again.  Until then, I’d love suggestions for good movies to watch. I’d be ever so grateful if you’d respond with titles and a sentence or two about the plot so I can choose according to my mood, which swings with the pain level.