Beauty and the Beast

Thank you all for your kind words of encouragement–I do appreciate it. And I appreciate the flowers sent by family and friends. They certainly add a lot of beauty to the cold gray days we’ve been having.

ann flowers

This morning I was measured for a smaller cast, which I’ll get next week. In order to measure my arm, the doctor had to remove the upper part of the brace that I’ve been wearing since I fell last week. If you’re quezy, you might not want to scroll down to see the (blurry) photo my husband took of my exposed upper arm. The color would do Shrek proud.

Ann broken arm

Once I get the new brace, I should have full wrist and elbow mobility (within my pain tolerance limits) and I expect to try knitting again.  Until then, I’d love suggestions for good movies to watch. I’d be ever so grateful if you’d respond with titles and a sentence or two about the plot so I can choose according to my mood, which swings with the pain level.

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  1. Ann! That is exactly the way my arm looked after I broke my upper left humerus. The color changes over the next couple of weeks will be unforgettable. Plus, the area was so edematous it literally reacted like a partially filled water balloon when I would nudge it with my finger. Our bodies are a wonder, though. You will mend beautifully. Our broken bones weave back together with their very own Kitchener stitch!
    My movie recommendations:
    Waking Ned Devine–heart warming Irish comedy about a winning lottery ticket
    Cider House Rules: set in the 1930-40s, a film about difficult choices. BEAUTIFUL hand knit sweaters on Charlize Theron and magnificent cinematography
    Boardwalk Empire: four seasons available on DVD. Historically based fiction about Atlantic City and its pivotal role during prohibition. Highly recommend listening to the episodes without and then WITH the commentary.

    Will think of more…

  2. Dear Ann, I’m writing with an audio book suggestion. The hungry tide, by amitov ghosh. 14 hours of some of the best story you’ll ever hear and a fantastic actor with many voices.
    Hope you have good progress. Your fan,

  3. 100 Foot Journey, Helen Mirren and Om Purl, is a story of battling restaurants across the road from each other. It is a chick flick for sure, but I loved the story.

    Chocolat is another favorite, bewitching fun love storie.

    Baby Boom Diane Keaton, Funny Farm Chevy Chase and Murphys Romance handsome Jim Garner and Sally Field. All oldies but awesome.

  4. Sharyn from "Down Under"

    So sorry about your terrible accident, Ann. I thoroughly recommend The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel. It’s beautifully written and filmed and a good pick-me-up. The other good thing is that the sequel is to be released next month.

  5. Stardust, fantasy story but exciting and with good humor.
    I love any of the renderings of classics like Jane Austin, Anthony Trollope, cold comfort farm (I forget the author), middlemarch, most British dramas (obviously) of which we’ve recently watched the Bletchley Circle which is about a group of ladies who were part of the secret code breaking during WW2, the Brit version of House of Cards…I could go on. Let me know if these are the kind of thing you like

  6. I’m so sorry about your arm, but optimistic you’ll be on the mend ASAP. I recommend either Call the Midwife (charming comedy drama about nurse-midwives and nuns in 1950s east London) or Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries (glamorous detecting in 1920s Australia) both on Netflix.

  7. At least it was your left arm, but I hope it heals soon. I recommend Saving Mr. Banks about the author of Mary Poppins and the making of the movie. Sea Biscuit about the racehorse. And I second Sharyn’s recommendation The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel.

  8. knit a cast cosy, Ann! speedy healing–at least you’re smiling!
    I recommend Virunga (available on streaming video with Netflix), a dramatic documentary about a game park in Africa that began as the story of the park and its rangers but morphed into more when, during the filming, non-African companies began to move in to make moves on the mineral resources within the park. It goes great reviews on Newshour.

  9. Dear Ann,

    So sorry about your accident. I do wish you a speedy and as much as possible a pain free one. I don’t have any movie suggestions but sure hope thus cheers you up. We are on vacation and of course I found a yarn shop nearby and had to visit. Your beginner’s sock book got me knitting. So guess what I bought at the yarn shop? You are right!!! Your sock knitting master class book. Again praying for your speedy recovery.

  10. Therese Inverso

    Ann! :Our favorite movie is “All About Eve” and it is about “The Theatre”. Marilyn Monroe has a bit part, very very early in her career and she is “Marilyn” already. Thelma Ritter, Bette Davis, Ann Baxter, Celeste Holm – and real dialogue. Doesn’t get much better.


  11. Dear Ann, as I read the comments, I thought of another good movie for you to see. Young Frakenstein by Mel Brooks. One of the most hilarious movies I have ever seen. If you have not read any books by Richard Ford, I highly recommend them. Ford was featured on The news hours a few years ago. Happy mending! Listen to your body. Happy New year!

  12. Here are three of my comfort-movie favorites — all, perhaps unsurprisingly, period films, that will also afford you a number of knit- and crochet-spotting opportunities as well —

    The 1994 “Little Women” captures the essence of Louisa May Alcott’s classic story, both its occasional treacliness and its intelligence and verve. Beautifully adapted and filmed, with a perfectly-cast set of actors all around.

    The “Cranford” series is wonderful — a gentle story of the ladies of a small country village, ca.1840, as the world around them changes. Full of charming characters and quiet wit.

    “Babette’s Feast” is the story of two elderly sisters, the daughters of the leader of a strict religious sect, who take in a French refugee to work for them. When Babette wins the lottery, she wants to cook the sisters a fabulous meal in gratitude for their kindness. A quiet and understated film about art and the joy of creation. Be sure to watch it in the original Danish, with subtitles!

  13. Glad to hear that you are on the mend. I like Ever After which is a re-telling of Cinderella where Cinderella is a feisty heroine with Leonardo DaVinci helping out.

  14. That bruise is a beauty, Ann! This is not a movie, but Modern Family is a irreverent comedy on TV. The lines are subtle and quick, so even watching an episode a couple of times is fun, since it can be challenging to pick up all of the humor the first time. Another TV series that has the same smart humor is Boston Legal. There may be reruns on TV, or you may be able to purchase online. If you missed it when it was on, you’ll still enjoy it now.

  15. Dear Ann,

    It will get better. Now is hard, but it will improve.

    I suggest you watch Moone Boy on PBS. It is sweet and hysterical.

    Windows to the Wild is a PBS program from NHPTV which is lovely. Every week Wilam Lange who is eighty four takes hikes and visits islands, public parks and all manner of lovely natural spots. It is truly uplifting and fun too.

    The Curious Tale of Mr Spaniel is quite good too. It is a Peter O Toole movie with Sam Neal. It is funny and touching.

    Of course if you just want to veg, there is always the Transporter on Saturdays!

    Very best wishes, BER

  16. Not a movie, but a recommendation for a television series. The “Last Tango in Halifax” is a BBC series available through Netflix. It is the story of two 70 something’s meeting again and falling in love and all that comes with blending their lives together. It has quite the cast of characters and can heap on the drama, but fun dialog and moves along quickly. Hope your recovery is progressing smoothly.

  17. Oh man! I’m so sorry to see. Get better soon! Your Knotty Knitters from Utah are thinking about and praying for your recovery!

    Great movies:
    A Good Lie with Reese Witherspoon (one of my new favorites)
    The Holiday with Cameron Diaz (one of my all time favorites)

    The series 24 is SO good if you haven’t seen that.

  18. Oh, Ann, I am so sorry to hear of your accident! My favorite movie for whenever I’m feeling down ( or anytime, for that matter) is Enchanted April, a sweet and happy story set just after World War I. It always puts a smile on my face.

  19. Ann, I am so sorry to hear about your incident.
    I broke my upper humerus a number of years ago, although no where near as dramatically as yours!
    About 2 weeks later, I found that putting a small throw pillow under my elbow, between my arm and my waist, allowed me to knit a bit, in short spurts. I also found crocheting to be a bit easier than knitting, although I prefer to knit.

    I’m a bit partial to the crusty old movies, but a few newer ones I’ve enjoyed are:
    Saving Mr. Banks- the making of Mary Poppins, including P.L.Travers’ childhood. Funny, sad, poignant. Tom Hanks “is” Walt Disney, and Emma Thompson, as P.L.Travers, is amazing!
    Hitchcock- story of the making of Psycho. Gives insight into Hitchcock’s creative process. Anthony Hopkins and Helen Mirren as his wife.

  20. Ann, so sorry about your arm, I wonder if it might be easier to spin than knit in a cast? My goodness will you be able to get any of your wonderful sweaters over the darn thing? Perhaps it’s time for a short sleeved sweater book! I ditto Enchanted April, and would add “The Princess Bride” and all of the BBC Austen movies. Speedy recovery! Eileen

  21. Dancing at Lughnasa – it’s set in 1930s Ireland (5 sisters and their older brother who is a retired priest.) There is comedy and sadness but LOTS of handmade knitwear. And there is knitting.

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