A New Brace

There have been some amazing advances in medicine and I’m glad to be the recipient. I got rid of the enormous splint on my left arm and now have a brace that will allow me to wear “real” clothes. The idea is that I tighten the velcro bands on brace every day to force the bone back into alignment — no plaster cast, minimal time in a sling, and the brace *can* be removed so my arm can be washed.

Ann's brace

The fleshy thing hanging down from the brace is my lower arm, but it sure doesn’t act like it belongs to me. Still, I’ll happy to have the use of my left fingers. I hope that I’ll be able to support my forearm and have my fingers available for knitting. I think I’ll start with a washcloth because I doubt that my tension will be very even — assuming I can manage to obtain tension at all! Besides, I can’t shower so I need lots of washcloths for sponge baths. Sigh.