A New Brace

There have been some amazing advances in medicine and I’m glad to be the recipient. I got rid of the enormous splint on my left arm and now have a brace that will allow me to wear “real” clothes. The idea is that I tighten the velcro bands on brace every day to force the bone back into alignment — no plaster cast, minimal time in a sling, and the brace *can* be removed so my arm can be washed.

Ann's brace

The fleshy thing hanging down from the brace is my lower arm, but it sure doesn’t act like it belongs to me. Still, I’ll happy to have the use of my left fingers. I hope that I’ll be able to support my forearm and have my fingers available for knitting. I think I’ll start with a washcloth because I doubt that my tension will be very even — assuming I can manage to obtain tension at all! Besides, I can’t shower so I need lots of washcloths for sponge baths. Sigh.

15 thoughts on “A New Brace”

  1. Ann, thanks for the photo & explanation of the new splint! Helpful to have you share the medical advances aiding your recovery. Will tuck them into my memory bank, but hope I won’t need them. Bless those who get us back into one functioning piece!

  2. I am confident that you will be knitting in no time! Let those around you pamper you, you deserve it!!!

  3. Glad you have come this far and that your attitude is so great. I’m sure you will be making those needles sing in no time at all. Thanks for keeping us posted. You have been in my prayers.

  4. That looks so much less cumbersome. Hope the healing continues smoothly & your washcloth making is easily executed. You’re inspiring to us all!

  5. Glad to hear that things are improving a little at a time. Being patient is hard when you probably have lots of projects that you are itching to get started on.

  6. Well, I don’t sit still very well, so knitting had given me an excuse to fidget. I learned to knit continental when I hurt my right arm going through a video gate at work. The Texas wind took me by surprise. I appreciate your challenges and your patience. I hope movies and books are entertaining you. I suspect your wheels may be turning with new designs and ideas. I wish I lived a bit closer so I could check in on you.

  7. Wow! That is amazing. I’m glad you are feeling better. That new brace must just lift your spirits and lead you down the path of recovery faster than expected. Woo hoo!

  8. Laura from beautiful West Michigan

    Glad you’re a little more mobile! I broke my arm almost 4 years ago in the same spot and ended up having a post put down the middle of the bone with pins. I know the recovery time is not fun. Washing your hair with one hand??? Putting on clothes??? AG! Be sure to do your physical therapy!

  9. Sure hope you’re feeling better. Getting hurt is really such a drag, isn’t it? There are lots of bumps in the long road to recovery but you’ll get there, I know it!

  10. Just popping in after a few weeks away and … wow! I am so, so sorry to read about your broken arm! It must be painful in so many ways. Wishing you as little pain as possible, as speedy a recovery as practicable, and some time to rest and plan and be pampered.

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