A Memerable Christmas

All three of our boys came home for the holidays, along with two of their girlfriends and my sister. The house has been full of good friends and good cheer.

But there was a little snafu Christmas Eve night when I fell and broke my arm, which landed me in the hospital for two days. I don’t like photos of myself under the best of circumstances, but the one my son took of me Christmas morning is so bad that I don’t think I’ll object to any future photos.

ann in hospital

My left humerus is fractured (and displaced) in a couple of places and I’m looking at six to eight weeks for recovery. I see the doctor again this week and hope to get a smaller cast that will let me use at least the fingers of my left hand. Once that happens, I’ll attempt knitting again. In the meantime, I’m very grateful that it’s my left arm (I’m right handed) and that I have a nice assortment of legal pain killers.

I’ll let you know how one-handed knitting goes.