Back Home

After 20 hours in transit, I made it home safely from my trip to Norway. Here are just a few photos — I think these are all from Bergen.

Bergan hillside Bergan park Harbor2

We met my mother’s relatives (they share a great grandfather), who are living in the same houses that there great grandfather and grandfather lived in. Can you imagine?

We also saw beautiful scenery, visited historic sites, ate plenty of fish, and walked miles every day. Surprisingly, I only stopped in one yarn shop but didn’t buy any yarn. At the time I worried about the exchange rate (things cost about 3 times as much in Norway as they do in the States) and lugging it home. I’m kicking myself now, but it’s not as if I don’t have plenty of yarn on hand already.

An hour after we got home we discovered that the sewer had (and still was) backing up in the basement. A friend of mine has accused me of having the “Budd travel curse” because I seem to be a magnet for bad luck when it comes to traveling. I was feeling smug that we got through this trip without a problem. Oh, well.