Lost in Translation

Interweave Press routinely sends me a complimentary copy of the books I edit, so I didn’t think anything when the UPS truck stopped to deliver a couple of packages. But I was confused when I opened them.

The first package had a copy of Sock Knitting Master Class.

SKMC Finnish

I’m so accustomed to focusing on the image that at first I didn’t realize that it wasn’t in English. I thought they had sent me another copy of the Estonian translation.

Estonian translation

But, wait — the words are different. It seems that Sock Knitting Master Class has now been translated into Finnish as well! How cool is that?

The second package was equally confusing:

Loops & Schals

It took me a few moments to realize that this was Scarf Style 2 translated into German.


I guess it makes sense that if they didn’t translate the original Scarf Style, they would want to change the title. And I guess they wanted to show more than just one project on the cover. That’s fine with me!

I love the idea that these books have international appeal. Wouldn’t it be cool to see one translated into a language that uses a different alphabet? I wonder what Ann Budd looks like in Russian or Chinese or Arabic.


4 thoughts on “Lost in Translation”

  1. Very cool to have your books in multiple languages! Now more can benefit from your great knowledge and designs.

  2. Анн Будд or Аня Буд if you want to really translate and not just transliterate. ( your name in Russian)

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