Scarf Style 2

Lost in Translation

Interweave Press routinely sends me a complimentary copy of the books I edit, so I didn’t think anything when the UPS truck stopped to deliver a couple of packages. But I was confused when I opened them.

The first package had a copy of Sock Knitting Master Class.

SKMC Finnish

I’m so accustomed to focusing on the image that at first I didn’t realize that it wasn’t in English. I thought they had sent me another copy of the Estonian translation.

Estonian translation

But, wait — the words are different. It seems that Sock Knitting Master Class has now been translated into Finnish as well! How cool is that?

The second package was equally confusing:

Loops & Schals

It took me a few moments to realize that this was Scarf Style 2 translated into German.


I guess it makes sense that if they didn’t translate the original Scarf Style, they would want to change the title. And I guess they wanted to show more than just one project on the cover. That’s fine with me!

I love the idea that these books have international appeal. Wouldn’t it be cool to see one translated into a language that uses a different alphabet? I wonder what Ann Budd looks like in Russian or Chinese or Arabic.


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