Goat Herder Pullover

New Patterns

I’ve uploaded two new patterns on my website and Ravelry–Goat Herder Pullover and Cable-Edged Scarf. You may remember posts on my blog about these two projects. It always takes a little time for the instructions to get past a technical editor (something I insist upon) and layout designer.

I designed the Goat Herder Pullover for my oldest son, who’s living partly off the grid in Grant’s Pass, Oregon, and raising pigmy goats and chickens.

RedSweater_alt main view 5.15.2014_027

I designed the Cable-Edge Scarf after a scarf that I wear a lot.

front view 1

I hope you like both patterns!

3 thoughts on “New Patterns”

  1. Sharla Bratton Dierks

    I’m new to your emails. Love them. Like this scarf pattern very much!!

  2. I’ve been waiting for you to post the pattern for your cable edge scarf but the link isn’t working (at least on my computer).

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