Star for a Few Days

This week I took a deep breath and put myself out on a limb. I taped a class for Craftsy. I’ve never been good in front of a microphone or camera and I’ve been fretting about this for weeks. But I shouldn’t have.

Upon arriving at the studio Monday morning, I was directed to my *own* dressing room. Step aside all you Hollywood divas, my name was printed on a star!

dressing room door

Inside, my hair and makeup were done by a professional (the bags under my eyes disappeared for three glorious days). Then I  was escorted to Studio A where the crew was putting the finishing touches on my set.

the set

From behind the table, my view was a little more intimidating:

my view

But the crew was wonderful and put a lot of effort into keeping me calm and comfortable.Here’s Evan, the producer:

Evan the producer

And Rob, the videographer (arranging things for the camera):

Rob the videographer

And Gabe, the editor, or mixer, who’s going to put it all together:

Gabe the mixer

I apologize for the blurry photos, but these guys had me laughing much of the time. We had so much fun that we took a selfie at the end:

end-of-class selfie

From left to right, that’s Rob (videographer), Gabe (editor), me (the TALENT), and Evan (producer). Those of you with sharp eyes will notice that I’m holding a bottle of The Glenlivet (12 years), which Evan gave me as a thank-you gift.

I’m wondering how soon I can do it again!

And for those of you wondering, the class is called Save Our Stitches: Fixing Knitting Mistakes and will be available through Craftsy in early June.



5 thoughts on “Star for a Few Days”

  1. Absolutely love this! You are a perfect candidate to teach a Craftsy class, I learn so many new things when I take one, which I have done several times, it is a wonderful experience.

  2. What great news! Being housebound with a chronic illness which prevents me from traveling to all those wonderful workshops, I wish other knitting experts would do the same. Will definitely be a customer having enjoyed quite a few Craftsy courses already (knitting) all of which are worth every cent. Thank you for putting yourself out there.

  3. I love the Craftsy Knitting Classes and look forward to buying yours in June……Congratulations and I love that you had a great time

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