The Good News

Because I’m sure you’re wondering, the pipe to our laundry room thawed yesterday and the pipe did NOT break!

It seems that frozen pipes are running in the family. My son called yesterday to say that the pipe from the well or the well had frozen at his farmhouse in southern Oregon, which has also been hit with the freeze. As a consequence, he hasn’t had running water for a few days. They’ve been melting snow over the wood stove for cooking and drinking.

Now, here’s the bad news.

He went outside to relieve himself (no water to flush toilets, you see), startled a skunk and got sprayed. A direct hit. He put his clothes in a plastic bag and threw them in the snow, and has been melting pots of snow for ineffective bathing. His manager suggested he take a sick day so that he didn’t make everyone in the office sick. We’re calling it a stink day.

7 thoughts on “The Good News”

  1. Tell him to bathe in tomato juice. We’ve had the wonderful experience…not pleasant… I wish him luck. My sister used to keep a case of tomato juice in her garage just for that purpose.

  2. I was about to suggest tomato juice, but I see many have had to same suggestion. Ann, one just has to love 2013, it has been such a challenge. I just want to be able to say, whee, I made it through. Miss you. Perhaps, I’ll see you in May, should life work itself out that way. Andi

  3. Glad you have no other broken pipes. And yes, tomato juice is the best, have used it on pets who have had skunk encounters and on my hone when he tried to intervene between dog and skunk.

  4. Also use ‘gray’ water from other activities like washing hands (collect it in a bowl) or washing dishes to use to ‘flush’ toilets? Yes, to tomato juice. Happy Holidays?

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