Heat’s On

We’ve got heat again, as do all but 17 of the 7,200 residents that lost gas last week. Apparently the people who don’t have it back have been out of town so the repairmen can’t get into their houses.

Sunday night I heard a gurgling in the baseboard pipe that brings hot water heat to our bedroom. When I shared the good news with my husband, he trotted downstairs to check out the crawl space. Sure enough, that gurgling I heard upstairs was actually water gushing from the pipe. We were lucky to find a repairman who would come to our house at 1:00 am Monday morning and repair the pipe while lying in cold mud. He left at 3:00 am with our holiday savings. But the pipe is fixed.

The temps are approaching the upper 30s today and we’re on the alert to see if the pipe to the laundry room sink is simply frozen or has burst as well. I asked my husband to shut off the water to that part of the house before he left for work this morning. If there is another leak, I don’t want to be home alone for it.

Wish us luck!