Bitter Cold

Not only are we in the path of an Arctic cold front that’s put the highs in the single digits (and lows below 0) for the past few days, yesterday we awoke to no heat. It seems that something malfunctioned at one of the relay stations and about 7,000 of us are without gas.

Yesterday I watched the temp fall from 65 in the morning to 58 when I went to bed. This morning it’s a blustery 49 degrees! Thank goodness I have a stash of wooly scarves, sweaters, socks, gloves, and blankets, because I’ll need them all today.

We’re told that 60% of the houses should have gas this afternoon. The rest will be restored by tomorrow afternoon. I hope it’s sooner than that — my I haven’t figured out how to knit while wearing gloves.

Wishing you all comfort and warmth!

6 thoughts on “Bitter Cold”

  1. A good reason to have a large stash. Just pile all the skeins around you. ;). Hope you have heat soon, stay warm.

  2. Hope the heat comes back soon. I am cold and we have heat so can imagine what it is like at your place.

  3. So sorry, being cold can be so miserable. Surprised you don’t have fingerless mitts, I use mine all the time and I have heat lol.

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