Angry Birds

Lately, a bird has been sitting on the lilac bush outside my office window. Oddly, he (or she) faces the window as if watching me work.

bird at window 2

Periodically, I hear something bump against the window, which I took for one of the branches. Then I realized that it was the bird flinging him or herself against the windowpane. I thought that it might see a reflection of the greater outdoors in the window so I put Post-it Notes to break up the reflection. It didn’t work.

bird at window 1

bird at window 3

bird at window 3

I can’t figure out what this bird wants with my office, but every day it tries to get in one of two windows and it’s starting to creep me out–I saw Hitchcock’s The Birds at an impressionable age.

If there are any ornithologists out there who can explain why this bird is mesmerized with my office, I’d sure like to know.