Putting on the Pleats

You may remember from past blog posts that I knitted my first-ever skirt this year. I had resisted knitted skirts because I didn’t appreciate that they really could be flattering. But over the past year, I’ve seen several that appealed to me and I determined that I’d give it a try.

I’ve named this skirt Putting on the Pleats because it has pleats as I really do like to put it on. I’ve just posted the pattern (in four sizes) on Ravelry and the pattern page on my website.


The photo above was taken by my photographer friend (Lisa Loubiere). The model is about a size 000, so we had to clip the back of the skirt to make it hang right on her. In truth, I made the skirt to fit me and I think it’s only fair to show it on a “real” body. Amy Herzog took a photo of me wearing the same skirt at the Knitter’s Review Retreat in Canandaigua, New York, last weekend.


She even took a detail:


I absolutely love this skirt! I wore it two days at the retreat and again this week when I went out to dinner with a couple of girlfriends.

If you’re ready to knit yourself a skirt, respond to this blog to enter your name in a drawing for a free pdf.

24 thoughts on “Putting on the Pleats”

  1. Did not think much of it when you originally posted but think it looks really good on you & now quite like the look of it now your wearing it……..

  2. Glad I saw you wearing it at the retreat! It’s lovely in the pic but it’s so much better in person! Can’t wait to make one!

  3. I love the pleated skirt, years ago (about 25) I had a knit pleated skirt, purchased. it was great, an updated version would be wonderful.

  4. Maybe…so sad I wasn’t in the lucky ones selected for the retreat in Cndga. Would have loved to see the skirt in person!

  5. I had some doubts when you started your project to knit a skirt but seeing is believing! The skirt is lovely and I’m ready to knit one for myself

  6. I love the new pattern. Need to get myself some new tights but I’ve got some glorious yarn for this.

  7. Great skirt. I think I may be ready. This looks cute and not too complicated. It certainly looks fabulous on you!

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