Cleaning Up

Thanks for all of your good wishes during the recent flooding. Workers and volunteers have made excellent progress and, for the most part, things are on the mend.

You’ll remember from a previous post that the underground parking lot where my parents live was completely flooded. The road leading down to the garage looked like a murky lake instead.

2013 flood parking garage

Fortunately, my sister had borrowed my parents’ car so it escaped damage. But my father’s bike was down there. It has taken days to pump out the water,  tow out the cars, and shovel out all the mud, rocks, and other debris. When everything was cleared out, there was no sign his bike. We assumed it was destroyed and put in a dumpster. My father decided that, at 92, he was too old to replace it and he’d give up biking altogether.

But the universe thought differently. A few of days ago, his bike turned up — covered in mud but without damage to the frame. After a couple of hours with a bucket, brush and many, many rags, he cleaned off every speck of dirt.

Dad cleaning bike

He had to get the gears, etc. replaced, but he plans to take his regular 10-mile ride this morning!

11 thoughts on “Cleaning Up”

  1. Having lost out in the storm Irene – I understand the joy your dad must feel having found his bike. I’m so glad you’re family was safe!

  2. That is so awesome that it was returned to him! I am so glad that things are getting better in CO. Wishing you all well!

  3. Been thinking about all the loss and hardship that so many in Colorado are facing. God bless you all an give you strength. I’m so glad your father’s bike was found. Anyone who can bike 10 miles a day at 92 sure shouldn’t give it up.

  4. I’m not sure which is the most amazing, the fact the bike turned up or the fact that at 92 yrs young, your dad can still ride 10 miles a morning. Best of luck with the recovery.

  5. Great news! Your dad is an inspiration! Riding that bike is probably one of the reasons that he is still going strong at 92. I’m so glad he got it back.

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