Bailing Out

We are on Day 5 of an epic flood here in Boulder, Colorado. All my life, I’ve heard my father warn about the 100-year flood that would come out of Boulder Canyon one day. That day was last Thursday. And similar flooding in going on to the north and south of us. The amount of damage is staggering.

Thankfully, we live on a hill and only have a little water in our basement. But my parents weren’t so lucky. They live in a retirement community that is still without power so they are now living with me.

We’re asked to stay off the roads but I did take a couple of photos when I rescued my parents during a short period of sun on Friday. Here’s the road that leads to the underground parking. The garage is completely flooded. Every car is ruined. Fortunately, my father’s car was at my house at the time, but his  bike is floating somewhere in the mess.

2013 flood parking garage

Here’s the above-ground parking lot, which was under 2-feet of water as well. Many of those rocks are the size of my fist. There are also some the size of my head, but not in this photo.

2013 flood Frasier parking

They say the rain will finally stop today and it will be dry and sunny for the rest of the week. Then the clean-up will begin.