Not Quite There

The seams are sewn and I’ve added a 3-row rolled edge to the hem, armholes, and neck. I also added a little roll along the purl ridge that marked the decrease row for the “gathers.”

edging applied

At this point, the piece measures 17.5″ wide at the bust and 20.75″ wide at the hem. The body measure, 17″ long to armhole; the armhole measures 7.75″. Overall, I think the top looks a bit disappointing — the edges don’t really roll and the stitches are stiff and somewhat uneven.

l’m now going to take a leap of faith and put it through a normal load in my top-loading washing machine. If all goes well, the stitches will tighten up and even out, and the fabric will become delightfully soft and drapy. Wish me luck!

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