A Linen Challenge

Not long ago, some friends and I took a road trip to The Loopy Ewe in Fort Collins, Colorado. This is one of largest knitting shops I’ve seen and it carries a vast selection of premium yarns. As I was wandering up and down the isles, I overhear one of the employees commenting on a new linen yarn that had arrived from Shibui Knits. The yarn has a very interesting chain construction, not to mention lovely colors, and the she was most anxious see what it would look like knitted up.

Shibuiknits Linen

I love a challenge so I immediately grabbed five skeins in Poppy. I plan to knit it into a summer shell. Stay tuned for reports on my designing and knitting process.

3 thoughts on “A Linen Challenge”

  1. I have 5 skeins of same in color “Brick” (another lovely red) and have been wondering what I might do with it. I’ll be interested to follow here and see what you do with yours!

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