Pomp and Circumstance

Yesterday my twins (my babies!) graduated from high school. They go to a fairly big school so the ceremony was at a large events center in a neighboring town. The traffic was awful and we didn’t arrive until they started the procession into the auditorium. Consequently, we sat far, far away.

Eric and Nick Graduation

This photo was taken before they threw their caps into the air at the end of the ceremony. They are a bit hard to see, but my boys are in the second row, right next to the center isle.

We’re so proud!

3 thoughts on “Pomp and Circumstance”

  1. Congrats on the teins graduating Thats Fantastic !!!!! I have a question for you Ann By any chance would you be intrested in Knitting a pair of socks for my son , thats all he wants for christmas, and would you be intrested in knitting 1 sweater for my mother for christmas you know like a cardigan shes always cold at home and has an old sweater cardigan she puts on I would pay you for both of the Items I just beagan knitting and I really don’t think I could make either one of these Items I would really appreciate It , But If your not intrested and dont have the time I totally understand Thanks

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