Ninety-Two Years!

Today my father turns 92 and that’s cause for celebration. If he hadn’t dragged the family to Switzerland in 1968 so he could do research in Europe and northern Africa, I might never have learned to knit.
Those of you who have followed my blog for a couple of years will remember that he had a bad accident on his daily bike ride that landed him in the hospital with 7 broken ribs and a punctured lung. He recovered and continues to bike whenever the weather allows. Today, my brothers and sister will take him downhill skiing to celebrate. I’m enormously proud of him.
Here he is in a photo I took a couple of years ago. I knitted the sweater he’s wearing back in 1980 and he’s worn it most days between October and March since then. I wish I remembered what yarn I used because it has never pilled and shows very little sign of wear more than 30 years later.

I am participating in a retreat (on San Juan Island!) and won’t be able to celebrate with the rest of the family today. So, I’ll celebrate by holding a raffle for one of my print books (check out my website for a list; sorry–electronic books are not included in this offer). Respond to this post to indicate which book you’d like and why and I’ll use a random-number generator to draw a name when I return home next Thursday.