Off to a Bad Start

I haven’t posted lately because I’ve been consumed by sad happenings and I haven’t even found solace in knitting. On the last night that my sister and her husband were visiting for the holidays, her husband suffered a sudden cardiac arrest. Paramedics were able to restart his heart, but the damage was extensive and he died a few days later. I returned home with my sister to keep her company and begin the arduous process of sorting through papers and making arrangements.
I then got a call that one of my sons had broken his right femur snowboarding.

He had emergency surgery at a mountain hospital to place a steel rod between his hip and knee.
A few days later, I got an email saying that the husband of a dear friend of thirty years had died.
I came to home to temps in the single digits and yesterday we lost heat in our house.
Thankfully, the heat is back on so I’m comfortable at my desk and I’m able to find a lot of silver linings in so much sad news. But I find myself unable to get back to work. I just stare at my computer screen.
I welcome suggestions for ways to jump-start myself into action again.