Prom Night

Tonight is prom night and it’s the first time one of my son’s has decided to attend. Between the tickets, tux, party bus, and dinner, he’s shelled out a sizable fortune. Good thing this only happens once a year!
One of my knitting friends works at a florist and made the most beautiful corsage I think I’ve ever seen.

I think I’ll be up late knitting tonight…

4 thoughts on “Prom Night”

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  2. So? – Come on Ann – did you survive prom – was he not the most gorgeous young man who is his age living with you? (that’s what I always tell mine).

    And, I have to admit – I can’t wait to see your argyle socks! –

  3. How was your son’s prom night? I hope he had a good time. Why was he the only son who decided to go to the prom? What happened to the others? Who was his date? And please tell me he took his date in a limo! I barely even survived mine without a limo. To be honest, it was kinda embarrassing for my date, since my car broke down and we had to walk the rest of the way there.

    James Perkins

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