Winter Wonderland and New Ball of Yarn

A few days ago, we woke up to an unexpected 14″ of snow. For a day, only high-clearance four-wheel drive vehicles could traverse our unplowed street. Here’s what our back deck looked like:

In respect for the beautiful view out the windows, I spend the day in my favorite chair and knitted on my Diamond Jacket.
I finished the first ball of yarn and made good progress on the second. Unlike many knitters, I do not like to change balls at the ends of rows. The yarn tails make it more difficult for me to sew seams. Instead, I change balls at least a few stitches from the edge. For the Diamond Jacket, the first ball ended close to the center of a row.

To join a new ball, I simply work one (1) stitch with the yarn from each ball held together, then continue with the new ball, leaving tails several inches long from each ball. Ideally, I make this double stitch on what will be a purl stitch when the right side is facing. That way, there’s just a small thick area that coincides with a purl bump and is therefore less noticeable. After the piece is complete, I’ll weave in the tails diagonally across the wrong side of the fabric. In this case, I’ll follow the “ridges” formed by the diamond pattern.

2 thoughts on “Winter Wonderland and New Ball of Yarn”

  1. I will try your technique soon. I also find that tails on edges interfere with seaming (and can ruin finished edges).

    Usually I tie the two ends together (leaving sizable tails) and weave my tails in as duplicate stitch on the back side. As long as I am careful with tension (too tight leaves a firm spot and slight demarcation), this seems to work well for me.

    Do you use a different technique for weaving in on a lacy fabric?

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