It Takes a Genius

Not only was I unable to email images from my iPhone to myself, my Mac mysteriously stopped allowing me to upload images to my blog a couple of days ago. Being the computer-challenged non-geek that I am, I made an appointment at my local Apple store with a “genius.” Really, that’s what they are called. And for good reason. In less than 15 minutes Brad fixed the settings in my iPhone so I can now show you the picture I took of my son (on the left) when he returned from Spain earlier this week (his travel buddy is on the right):

 And the picture I took of my completed Traveling-Stitch Stockings (pictured on my own feet):

Brad deserves the “genius” moniker in my book, but I wonder if he ever feels a little overwhelmed by the pressure of the title.

2 thoughts on “It Takes a Genius”

  1. I’m happy for you that your son is home for Christmas. Glad he had such a great and productive trip. He sounds like a gem.

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