Two weeks ago, I was at the Scotts Bluff Valley Fiber Arts Fair in Mitchell, Nebraska. This fair is sponsored in part by Brown Sheep Company and includes classes, demonstrations, and fiber vendors. I taught a class on the fundamentals of sweater design and another on how to generate a sock pattern for any size or gauge. I foolishly neglected to take any photos, but I assure you it was a lot of fun.

A few days later I went to Taos, New Mexico for a knitting/eating/shopping vacation with a group of friends. Between the two, I haven’t had much time to blog. Two of us stayed at the historic Casa Europa 

Bed and Breakfast. The other three stayed at a guesthouse owned by one of their in-laws. The only photo I took before the battery died in my camera was of two of the resident donkeys seen from the deck of the guesthouse.
I indulged in some of the best cuisine ever and some serious yarn purchasing from Tutto in Santa Fe. We made a pact that we’d finish at least one of the projects we bought by this time next year (so we can all buy more yarn on our next trip). I’ll let you know how that goes.
Before you go thinking that I’m a serious spoiled brat (I know I am), I’d like to mention that I came home with a serious infection in my eyes. They itch, burn, ache, and discharge a disgusting yellow goo. Ewww. So far, the eyedrops the doctor gave me haven’t helped much. 

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  1. What a great trip. I’m sorry your eyes are icky. It sounds like a serious case of pink eye. The one time I had it, I ended up needing steroids to clear it up. I hope it goes away quickly; I bet it’s cut down on the knitting.
    Here’s to becoming a healed spoiled brat (I don’t think you are a s.b.)

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