Sock Summit 2011

It took a few days, but I have finally recovered from Sock Summit 2011. For those of you who don’t knit socks or who live in complete isolation, Sock Summit is the premier sock-knitting conference that has taken place in Portland, Oregon, in 2009 and again in 2011. I attended as a student in 2009 and returned as a teacher this year. Rumor has it that there were more than 1,900 registered students and about 6,000 attendees total. That’s a lot of sock knitters.

You’ll find a fairly complete report by Clara Parkes at Knitter’s Review. Between the classes, lectures, demonstrations, shopping, shopping, and more shopping, this is quite possibly the best event ever for knitters, even those who don’t knit socks!

Here’s a peek of some of what I brought home! I think some of these yarns will find their way into the 15 socks I have yet to knit from Sock Knitting Master Class.

8 thoughts on “Sock Summit 2011”

  1. Oh la la! Look at that haul! A stasher’s delight. Glad it was great, and wish I could have gone. Living in Maine, I am about as far from Portland, OR as one can get. Oh well! I’ll enjoy it vicariously through posts like yours. Thanks!

  2. I am curious about the red needle case at the bottom — details? And just for 6-inch needles, or also for 8-inchers?

    Lovely yarns. Also hoping there might be a less western event sometime.

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