At Last! Sock Knitting Master Class

I just got word that Sock Knitting Master Class has been delivered to the Interweave warehouse. That means that they are now being shipped to shops, bookstores, and individuals.
To celebrate, I’ll hold a drawing for a free copy.
To enter, simply write a comment to this post and tell me your name and what your first sock project was.
I’ll pick a winner Tuesday, June 21.
Good luck!

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  1. My first socks were basic socks made from a faux-fair isle self-patterning yarn. It was so much fun watching the pattern develop as I knit! Good luck with the new book!

  2. My first sock was a purple cotton that never had a mate. The first pair were red blue green yellow acrylic. Thankfully, I got over my issues with wool and have knitted some lovely pairs since then. I can’t wait to see your new book.

  3. My name is Angela (MotherHenKnits on Ravelry) and my first real sock was a Men’s Heavy Weight Boot sock from Knitting Pure & Simple. It was a wonderful pattern for my first sock and so well written. I still go back to those patterns from time to time when I needs a simple but we’ll written pattern.

    Thanks for the give away!

  4. My name is Laurie Richards. My first socks were two at once toe up with self patterning yarn. I’m on my second pair at the moment and I’m having trouble with the heels so I could really use a sock workshop!

  5. My first pair of COMPLETED socks were in worsted weight with contrast-colored cuff, heel and toe. They were meant for my husband, but were too small so they ended up in my sock drawer!!
    Jennifer Crandall

  6. It’s been so long since I knit my first pair of socks I’m not really sure what they were, but it’s likely they were worsted weight using Elizabeth Zimmermann’s pattern in Knitting Without Tears. Love knitting socks, these days in actual sock yarn, I’m never without a pair (or two) on the needles.

  7. Woohoo! I’ve been waiting and waiting for this book to come out! My first sock project was a pair of Monkeys. I did the toe decreases wrong on one of the socks so the toe section is only half as long as the other sock.

  8. Years ago, I went to Nova Scotia for vacation, and wandered into a lovely yarn shop. I bought a skein of a lovely cerulean blue Fleece Artist yarn, with a pattern on the label. I followed the pattern slavishly (except that I got horribly confused by the references to needle numbers and, as a result, my gusset decreases were a mite random) and had far too much yarn left over for my taste. And the socks were at such a loose gauge that they wore out rather too quickly.

    Alice (aliceq on ravelry)

  9. I’m Susan and I’ve been working my brain to try and remember my first pair of socks but I have no clue. I do, however, remember being very pleased with myself. I’ve been hooked on sock knitting since.

    Congrats on your new book!

  10. My very first sock was an Evelyn A. Clark pattern from Interweave called Go With the Flow. I used Cherry Tree Hill in Java (which still remains as one of my favorite yarns and favorite colorways) It began an obsession with socks (and more accurately sock yarn).

    Malia (knittinginthedark)

  11. My name is Gayle and my first sock project was at a knit shop through a class. I loved them and hate wearing anything that isn’t hand knitted now!

  12. My first sock was a simple kids sock pattern that I printed off of the Lion Brand website. I used some horribly scratchy self-striping wool.
    My name is Liberty and I am so looking forward to checking out the new book, Congratulations!

  13. Hi I’m Del. Raindropnlollipop on Ravelry. My first socks were 7 stitches per inch from Getting Started Knitting Socks.

  14. My first completed pair of hand knit socks were toe up from the Queen Kahuna Crazy toes and heels e-book about 10 years ago. I had crocheted socks before that.

  15. Oooh! I so want this book! My first sock project was just a basic pattern–one of the most simple–from “Sensational Knitted Socks,” knit with Patons Kroy. I quickly graduated to fancier yarn and more interesting patterns, and several years later, I continue to have a sock on my needles at all times.

  16. Hello Ann Budd: You are my hero! My first pair of socks was 2X2 rib toe up socks from your Interweave Knits article “Working Socks From the Toe Up”. So were the second and third pairs: when other patterns wouldn’t fit I just went back to this one. The socks are always perfect. Thank you! Michelle

  17. I believe my first pair of socks was done from The Knitters Handy Book of Patterns and were likely on US 1s with Mountain Colors Bearfoot yarn in the most awesome reds and blues. I still have that pair, tucked away, well worn and felted, but still treasured. It took me months to knit them, as I wasn’t used to DPNs on such small needles, but I am still very proud that I finished them, and know that socks will always be a staple project in my knitting bag.

  18. I made my first pair of socks 2 years ago based on your guide in The Knitters Handy Book of Patterns, then adding my own stranded motif. Thank you for being my sock knitting “teacher” πŸ™‚


  19. I made my first sock from the guide in the Knitter’s Handy Book of Patterns. I’ve got many other pattern books but still use this one on a regular basis.

  20. Hi! Mary Teach here.

    The first socks I knitted I used Superwash wool in a dark rust color. I used your pattern in The Knitter’s Handy Book of Patterns.

  21. I have several of your books, and can’t wait for this one to hit the stores. I’m in Canada, so it sometimes takes a little longer. Off to check Chapters Indigo ….

  22. I will admit – with embarrassment – that although I’ve been knitting for a very long time, and although I’ve made just about everything else, I have yet to make a pair of socks. I was always afraid of them. Lately I decided that I wanted to learn, and I bought some really beautiful sock yarn from an indie yarn dyeing artist and a size 2 Addi circular needle for this purpose. I have looked at several books but hadn’t yet picked one. I sure would love to win this book – but if I don’t I may just let this be the one I buy, as it sounds perfect for me! πŸ™‚ Thanks for the chance to enter!

  23. My name is Connie. My first sock project was a basic pair of 2×2 rib socks with a stst foot with a short row heel. I’m still fairly new to socks, but I’m having fun learning!

    Thanks for the great giveaway!

  24. Have just checked in at Chapters and have pre-ordered Master Class. Chapters says the release date is July 12, 2011. I wonder if Canada Post will be back by then.

  25. My first socks were cuff down 2×2 ribbed leg with heel flap and gusset, of MegaBoots Stretch. I still love them, and they fit perfectly.

  26. My first sock was a self striping yarn, but I never seem to make a second sock! I really need to learn how to make 2 at once!

  27. My first sock was actually one from “Getting Started Knitting Socks”! I’m sure the new book will have a pattern I just _have_ to try!

  28. I’ve been hearing a lot about your book and would love to have it! =)

    My first socks were for my son, straight stockinette, using a rainbow-ish colorway from ShibuiKnits.

    Thank you for this opportunity!

  29. My first pair was from A Handy Book of Patterns, in a blue-purple Kroy yarn. It pooled something awful. Since then I have become a better sock knitter and Patons has become better at variegated yarns.

  30. My first pair of socks pattern was from a Leisure Arts booklet too. I liked it because it had drawings and pictures which helped a lot.

  31. part way up a beautful pair (OK first of) toe-up socks from a KAL at planet purl. then got stuck trying to decide on deciding what pattern stitch to put up the side!

  32. My name is Heather P. and my first sock project was a purple worsted weight yarn. I absolutely loved them and wore them for many years before I accidentally felted one!!

  33. My first socks were yellow boot socks that we knitted in school almost 40 years ago. I still have them, they are made from indestructible Lang yarn.

  34. The first pair of socks or the first pair that I finished?

    The first sock I attempted was your 6-stitches-to-the-inch pattern from Getting Started Knitting Socks. But I worked on it during an early-morning fire drill in college and didn’t know how to pick up the stitches, so it was frogged.

    I eventually used the same yarn and did a toe-up, fit-as-you-go pattern with my knitting guild. They’re baggy and mostly acrylic, but they’re my first socks!

  35. my first socks were in bright variegated acrylic sock yarn (i love grey, so that choice was… odd), mostly following your sock pattern in the knitter’s book of patterns, mostly because one of the gussets is backwards. πŸ˜‰

  36. My first socks ever were knit using the Candide Ragg Sock pattern (heavy worsted on 40 stitches) in blue-green Candide yarn. I must have made 100 pairs of those before I ventured, timidly, into the world of skinny string. Warmest socks in the world. And in Maine, the land of Big Winter Boots, they always fit in your shoes.

    –Elizabeth Durand

  37. I’m so looking forward to this book!

    My first pair of socks was a very plain pair I knit from Dale of Norway Stork in a knitting class at my (now closed) LYS. It was the only non-wooly fingering weight yarn they had. The socks turned out well, and actually lasted quite a while before getting a hole.

  38. My first pair of socks were toe-up socks, with 3×1 ribbing all the way up the leg. Needless to say, I made them waaaaay too long for myself, so they ended up as a Christmas gift for a good friend, who practically wore them every day, until her new puppy got hold of them and chewed one sock up. I’m going to make her another pair for this Christmas. I think she’ll really love them.

  39. My first pair of socks were an anklet-style knit from the top down and they actually fit! I now wear hand-knit socks to bed every night…even in the summer! I swear that wearing them makes me sleep better!

    from “Cold Feet” Judy

  40. My name is JoLynn. My first sock project was a sock class, based on the pattern “Blue and White socks” in the book “Socks” edited by Rita Buchanan and Deborah Robson in the fall of 1998.

  41. My first socks were made from the label of some Coats & Clark self striping yarn. I did it as part of the first Knitting Olympics, so every night I sat and watched the competitions. Closing ceremony…the socks were on my feet!

  42. My first sock was one of Nancy Bush’s, a crazy hard colorwork for a beginner sock/colorwork knitter. I was bragging to my mom (in pictures, no less) how awesome it was turning out… then I turned it over and realized that I’d been reading the chart wrong!!!! Lots of ripping ensued, and as I didn’t make a second one right away (second sock syndrome struck right from the beginning), there’s never going to be another one. Can’t wait to see the book, all my favorite people and favorite knitting in the same place! Congrats!

  43. My first sock knitting project was using wool for the 1st time and learning the Magic Loop method. Oh, I completed the socks just fine. However, being the only crafty person in my family, thus the only knitter in my family, well, I learned the hard way, wool shrinks. *sigh* Yes, I’m a dunce. I know better now!

    Hopefully, I’ll be lucky and will get a chance to learn from the “Master” with this giveaway. *grin* Thanks so much for the chance to win!

  44. My name is Sara and I am addicted to knitting socks.

    My first socks were knit with worsted weight – and they turned out nice – just too big for me…I gave them to my best friend and they fit her perfectly.

    nhsarab at yahoo dot com

  45. My name is Jill (Noni on Ravelry), and my first sock project was a pair of cotton anklets for a baby, on two circs. Baby socks are perfect for learning because all the exciting scary parts come one right after the other. No time to relax or get bored with straight knitting. My take-along reference for socks is Getting Started …

  46. My name is Karen, and my first socks were knit in an acrylic/wool blend worsted weight. I don’t remember the pattern and I don’t have the socks anymore. My cousin and I self-taught and learned together, and the socks were OK, but we immediately moved on to sock yarn and wool, and I recently put the acrylic socks in the goodwill basket.

  47. A fluffy and too bulky pair of plain green socks: I think they were a friend’s handspun, and I wear them as slippers now. One of them is bigger than the other!

  48. My first pair of socks were the Broadripple lace socks from – still worn and loved; I think socks are my favorite thing to knit.

  49. I knit three Christmas stockings out of good old RH acrylic to teach myself to make socks. Then Joan’s Socks and then on to “real” socks with sock yarn. Big needles, big yarn, can’t go wrong for learning!

  50. I bought the book “Socks, Socks, Socks” and knit the practise sock which was a baby sock I think. Then I moved to a real pair with dpn’s and wasn’t really sure about this “sock thing”! Eventually, the idea of knitting 2 socks on 2 circs took over and I have been pounding them out ever since. That was about 15 yrs ago and I have been knitting socks a plenty ever since. I always have at least 2 or 3 pair on the needles at once, a pair in the car, in my purse and of course beside my chair. My relaxing go to knitting, that doesn’t take a ton of concentration! Thanks for this opportunity!

  51. I made the sock recipe socks from the Yarn Harlot’s book. They were in a beautiful green Mountain Colors and were for my small daughter. She still has them!!! Good luck with your book, I would love to become a better sock knitter!

  52. Wow, my 1st sock… I told the owner of my LYS I was thinking about learning to make socks. She handed me Ann Norling #12 pattern, US#2 bamboo needles & I picked some Regia yarn. Who knew it would lead to so much fun!

  53. My first socks were “Joan’s Socks” from Joan Hammer’s pattern on the old KnitList, made using a double strand of WoolEase. That was many, many socks ago!

  54. My name’s Karin. I’ve tried knitting socks before and between the pattern I was using not being clear on the heel, and then a 2 year break resulting in losing said pattern, I’ve had to scratch that pair.

    I did just cast on for simple socks, no pattern, just the formula for toe-up, using yarn I have no idea what is anymore lol. I am tickled pink that the toes worked out the way they’re supposed to, and am slowly working on the foot, and dreading getting to the heel.

    I really want to learn how to do socks, and do them well.

    Good luck with the new book!

  55. My first socks were the product of a basic sock class. I used cleckheaton tapestry in a great denim blue…I loved that yarn.

  56. My first socks were made from the Lion Brand Woolease bulky label. I had just started knitting and was amazed at the thought that I could knit socks. I had very little knitting experience at the time and it led to what my husband and I refer to as Frankensock. I kept Frankensock intact so I could always see how far I’ve come since then.

  57. My first sock was a basic sock with a self-patterning pink, black, and white sock yarn, pattern from Getting Started Knitting Socks. The pair now resides with my sister.

  58. Hi, my name is Kris. I knit my first sock in January this year. It was intended to be a practice sock from the onset and was loosely based on a Patons pattern. I modified the yarn and needle size to make it easier to see what I was doing as I learned the magic of sock knitting. I used a bright pink RH yarn leftover from a baby shower game. I switched back and forth from dpn’s to circular needles to help me decide if I had a preference. For reasons still unclear to me, I was knitting inside out on the circular needles. My sock was oversized and oddly shaped but I was thrilled with the results nonetheless. I have since purchased your ‘Getting Started Knitting Socks’ book and I’m making good progress on my first ‘pair’ of socks! Thanks for the give away and good luck with the new book!

  59. Hello, My name is Yolande and my first sock project was a sock kit from Fleece Artist. I had no idea what I was doing but was determined to work at it until I was done. Even though I almost pulled my hair out, I was bitten by the sock love bug and have knit over a hundred pairs of socks since then. Even though it’s quite felted, I still have that first pair at the back of my sock drawer πŸ™‚

  60. My first sock was done ages, upon ages ago, out of Red Heart nylon sock yarn on my one of my great aunt’s steel dpns!! Since then I have become the family sock provider and with 2 grown kids, their spouses, and 5 grands I always seem to have socks on the needles.
    GrammaPhyl on Ravelry

  61. My first sock was hedgerow socks, knit from top down on dpn’s. They’re currently in my fix pile because the toe came undone – guess I didn’t do a good job! Would love your book – socks are one of my favorite things to knit!!!

  62. My first sock project was to make socks for my son that wears a size 18EEEE shoe.

    I didn’t think it would work (turning the heel was a leap of faith), but when he tried on the first sock and said “They don’t squish my toes.”, I knew I was hooked.

  63. My name is Emily, and my first pair of socks was from Charlene Schurch’s Garter Ridge socks from Sensational Knitted Socks. I made them for my best friend, because she’s fabulous, and because I knew she’d both enthusiastic and patient about them. πŸ™‚

  64. First socks – those were self patterning in a beautiful series of mostly blue. They were supposed to be plain but being me I had to complicate life and change things a bit! I still wear them. And I think your book is a great idea.

  65. My first sock was a cabled pattern from the small Koigu book in beautiful blues/greens. Unfortunately one of my dogs chewed the toe out of one sock. Haven’t had the heart to toss it!

  66. Hi Ann, I’m OzKnitter. For my first pair of socks I used a self-patterning yarn, that’s super soft. I know which is the first sock I made, because I totally messed up the kitchenering!

  67. My first socks were off the ball band of a self striping aloe yarn, I was so proud of those socks,even if they weren’t the perfect pair. I learnt much and sock knitting is such an easy to tote-along project. Gotta love it πŸ™‚

  68. My name’s Nicole, and my first pair of socks was Thuja from Knitty made with some fuschia baby acrylic that my grandma had bought for me at a yard sale.

    Thuja is still one of my favourite patterns for basic boot socks, but I use more suitable yarn now.

  69. I don’t know if I’m eligible but I’ll write anyway. My first sock project was a pair of stockinette-stitch socks, mid-calf length, with shaping in the leg. I “designed” them using information from the Spin-Off reprint “The Joy of Socks” and the Spin-Off special publication on socks. They are the best-fitting of the 30 or so pair that I’ve knit, and I still wear them.

  70. My first socks were knit while living in Edinburgh, Scotland where knitters were shocked to hear I’d never knit socks before. Essentially, they talked me through the experience and I wrote the “recipe” down so I could do it again. I still have those socks, though they are pretty felted by now! — Cate

  71. I’m Suzanne and my first socks were from “Knitting on the Road.” I made “bed socks” for my sister using Debbie Bliss’ Cashmerino. Oooh, luscious socks.

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