No Foolin’

I’m happy to report that my bug bites are much, much better. Thanks for all the suggestions on ways to control the itch. It seems that the best remedy was time. Now I’m just bothered by minimal itching in isolated areas. I never went to the doctor, but I’ve decided that the most reasonable diagnosis is sand fleas. The little buggers set up house in my skin. It makes my skin crawl to think about it. Oh, wait; my skin is crawling. Eew!

A friend pointed out that the number of responses to the bug-bite blog far outweighs the number of responses I get from posts about knitting. She said, “when you blogged about an adorable, beautifully photographed sweater in a trendy yarn, you got 3 comments. Even the tasty dude in the Quince mitts elicited only 4 comments. Then you post a blog photo straight out of a dermatology text book, and the fans come out of the woodwork. Just like insects.”

So, should I change the focus of my blog to weird medical issues?

9 thoughts on “No Foolin’”

  1. Isn’t it funny what people choose to comment about. I much prefer knitting updates, myself. By the way, not sure if you remember me or not but I took your toe-up sock workshop with the Arlington, TX knitting guild. I finished my first me-sized toe-up sock using your article two nights ago and started my 2nd sock last night. I’m on a sock knitting roll and I LOVE the bind-off you taught us.

  2. No. I have been stalking Quince in order to purchase that baby pattern you posted. More knitting, fewer skin issues (lol).

  3. Ah, everybody has an opinion on medically related stuff (self included!).

    I could totally go for more pix of yummy guy in quince & co yarn though. Noooooooo objections there.

  4. Beautifully knit items and wonderful patterns are the norm for you. People do not comment on the norm. Icky problems, that we may have shared experience with, and may be able to help you with, causes comments.

  5. It becomes challenging to compose a fresh or witty comment when all of your designs and projects are so beautiful!

  6. no, please stay the same. i’ve only recently discovered your blog and i really enjoy it.
    btw- i commented on the ‘tasty’ guy when that post came out . lol

  7. please, no wierd medical issues. I am sure there are blogs for that subject, some where else.
    I did comment on your teaching schedule, too.

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