I’m not such a spoiled brat

Last week was spring break for the Boulder schools. Our oldest son will graduate from high school this year and we figure that we may never have another opportunity for all of us to go on vacation together. Like the rest of the country, this winter was a bit harsh so we decided to splurge for a beach vacation in the Bahamas. We stayed at Greenwood Beach Resort on Cat Island. The resort has just 20 rooms and is located in the center of an 8-mile pristine beach. I didn’t see a singe person who wasn’t a guest or resort employee the entire week. It was too hot to knit so I read six books instead. 

At this point, I’m sure you’re thinking that this is another reason why I’m a spoiled brat. And I have to say that 7 days of sun, turquoise water, and no cooking is about as good as it gets. But there was a drawback. We got ravaged by bugs that we never even saw. Since our return on Saturday, itchy bites have popped up like chicken pox all over my body. I’ve tried aloe cream, benedryl, cortizone, calamine, and even dabs of vodka directly on the bites, all with very little success. My scratching is definitely cutting into my knitting time. I welcome any suggestions for relief!