Mia Culpa

Over the summer I worked out instructions for toe-up socks that look just like top-down socks. The pattern was made available on the Quince & Co website a couple of weeks ago. Problem is, I failed to specify the type of cast-on to use. I am such an idiot!
You should use a method that casts on stitches for working in the round such as Judy’s Magic Cast-On or the Turkish/Eastern Cast-on. You can find instructions for these methods online through a Google search.

5 thoughts on “Mia Culpa”

  1. I don’t think there is anyone who is that upset by it. Having a tech edit and an author of a pattern forget a part probably makes most of us feel better about the things that we forget to do at our jobs. It’s just being human. Thanks for the update on the type of cast on, I enjoy all your patterns and work:)

  2. I have not bought the pattern, as I am generally a top down sock knitter, however, in a case like that, I would have thought knitter’s choice, for whatever toe-up cast on the knitter prefers. That is what I always think if a cast on method is not specified.

  3. Toe-up socks from Ann Budd, yay! I’m there! but which ones are the toe-up socks? I see “Ann’s 5-guage Socks” and “Abbey Road Socks” and I don’t know which to get. Didn’t see anywhere in the pattern description that specifies toe-up or top-down. Thanks!

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