Several weeks back, my friend Therese Inverso (designer of the Felted Oven Mitts, Felted Catnip Mouse, and Fair Isle Napkin Rings in Knitted Gifts), called to say that her knitting had been turned into a puzzle. It turns out that one of Therese’s friends is Carole Gordon, a professional photographer who has had several of her images made into puzzles. For this particular one, Carole gathered a pile of Therese’s projects, notions, and works-in-progress to make the perfect diversion for puzzling editing jobs.

The puzzle, produced by Sprinbok, is called Knit Knacks and is available at Hallmark Gold Crown and American Greetings stores in the U.S. and Canada. I also found it at my local yarn store, Shuttles, Spindles & Skeins.

I took a break today and put the 1,000 pieces on a card table. (My family would object to eating standing up while I work on the puzzle). The progress I make will be inversely proportional to the progress I make in my “day” job.

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  1. I love that puzzle! Perfect Mother’s Day present for me! Hope my kids get the hints I am sending them. I love puzzles and knitting so this is perfect.

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