Why I’m a Spoiled Brat—# 5

I’ve managed to convince my family that because of all the time I spend knitting and at the computer, I must have regular massages. So about once a month, I spend a blessed hour and a half with Adele of the magic hands (Adele is also a knitter, which probably explains her talented hands).
I had a glorious session yesterday. Imagine—it’s cold, snowy, and icy outside and I get to climb onto a heated massage table and mentally check out while Adele works her magic. Some of what she does—like kneading my muscles until they scream uncle—makes sense to me. But other times—like when she holds my ankles for about 5 minutes—is a mystery. In the end, though, I always feel great so I believe that Adele knows what she’s doing. And today I can almost touch my shoulders to my ears!

After that relaxing session, I picked up my Boxleaf shawl (pattern from Anne Hanson; yarn from Briar Rose Fibers) and worked several pattern repeats without making any errors! Hmmm, I bet that I could finish this shawl tonight if I had another massage today.

3 thoughts on “Why I’m a Spoiled Brat—# 5”

  1. Hi, you’re a real person! And I’m one of your biggest fans!

    My dad purchased the knitter’s handy book of patterns, and then the book of sweater patterns for me, for Christmas, two years in a row.

    With these, I’ve managed to make socks for my kids. They fit, too! This is big- some things end up the excruciatingly wrong size- so things that fit consistently are wonderful!

    And, Dad asked for a waistcoat he could wear out in the cold, in New Mexico, while listening to opera. I used your cookbooks, to make a sweater vest. It fit! It took two years to knit- new mom brain- I had to rip out a shoulder about five times- but, it fit! I used the diamonds pattern from the orange pullover on each side.

    And, per your printed encouragement, I used stuff from other books, to make it splendid. I borrowed the v- bottom from Ms. Epstein’s book, I borrowed the clean hemming from Katherina Buss- the one where each side looks okay- and then did a deep ribbing- six inches- all around for a shawl collar. This would be easier with a picture, yes?

    Anyway, I was able to use the width from one body, the length from another, and well- it worked! So huge, big, gigantic, super-thank yous are in order!

    Oh, and I posted a feveredly positive review on Amazon.

    I am very grateful that you conceived, and published such useful and clever books.


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