Five Things I’ve Learned from Blogging

I’m approaching the end of my fourth week of blogging and it’s been a pretty steep learning curve. Here’s what I’ve learned so far:

1. I saw Julie & Julia (twice—I just can’t get enough of Meryl Streep) and I know that you don’t have to be a genius to start a blog, but it sure helps to know one. I couldn’t have managed without the help of Anne and Lori, who tried to explain things like domains, hosts, search engines, and links, and then did the work for me when I failed to grasp the nuances (another reason I’m a spoiled brat).

2. It is best to proofread before posting. And better to proofread two or three times. But if I don’t, it’s nice to know that mistakes can be fixed. Thank you for pointing out the major error in My Favorite Formula calculation, and thank you for not pointing out my typos.

3. Photos are essential, which means that a digital camera is necessary. I’ve learned that a digital camera is more complicated than it looks. I’ve also learned that there is much more to taking good photos than aiming and shooting, although that’s all I’m capable of at present. I’m quite open to tips and suggestions.

4. A blog can take over your life. I now think in terms of blogability, I carry my camera with me wherever I go, I knit even more than before (if that’s possible) so that I have new projects to photograph, and I wake up in the middle of the night composing posts. My family and day job have definitely suffered.

5. Blogging is loads more fun than I expected. I love reading the comments and getting feedback. I love discovering how much I have in common with so many other knitters. I love connecting with people I’ve never met. For someone who is a hermit at heart, this is huge!

I think that’s cause to celebrate.

10 thoughts on “Five Things I’ve Learned from Blogging”

  1. #4 made me laugh! It is SO true. I started blogging last summer, and even my children would ask, “Are you going to blog about this?” Then I would find myself annoyed if I did not have photos to add to my blog posts. (My photography is purely point and shoot, too.)

    I’m glad you started your blog.

  2. Thanks Ann! I’ve enjoyed each of your postings!!! Have you looked at CrazyAuntPurl’s blog?? It definitely can give you inspriation and ideas!! She’s a fellow knitter and a introvert hermit! However she has a way with words and a fabulous writer! Check her out!!!
    Thanks again for blogging!

  3. You’ll find that it also helps you find humor in little daily tragedies, like when someone scrapes against the side of your parked car with theirs and leaves without putting so much as a note under your wiper-blade, you can take pictures of the smear of white paint and compose an elaborate post about said evil person, instead of being depressed.

  4. Suggestions for #3:

    1. Don’t use the flash
    2. Use strong directional light
    3. Buy a piece of white posterboard for a backdrop.

    I’m very glad you’re blogging. It’s quite a bit of fun!

  5. I totally agree! I started to want to write about my knitting trials and tribulations but had no place to do so…so I created a blog! Now I feel that everything needs to be photographed, the begining middle and end. Its kinda a plus because I have more photos than I normally would about each project

  6. It sounds like you’ve caught on much quicker than some!

    For some photography tips I highly recommend checking out Digital Photography School. They have lots of great articles and weekly challenges that definitely help build skills.

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